What moves do you use the most?

Demon Hunter
Hey guys just curious what other people are using, im level 37 and i use:

Left click: Hungering Arrow + Scatter shot
Right click: Elemental Arrow + Ball Lightning
1: Shadow power + Blood Moon
2: Vault + Tumble
3: Sentry + Spitfire Turret
4: Rain Of Vengeance + Dark Cloud
Steady Aim
Night Stalker

Any opinions on if this is the best for leveling ? ive tried out every other skill and they all do roughly the same damage but hungering arrow + ball lightning seem to be the best for damage/aoe ratio, p.s whats the big hype about frost arrow ? i used it and i think its soooo much worse then ball lightning
I love ball lightning. Love it. Frost arrow is a close second.
Frost arrow only hits like 3 people that are close together when i use it, dont see it anywhere even close to ball lightning that hits up to like 60 people
Frost Arrow hits the first guy and then bursts into whatever is behind them.. I've hit more than WAY more than 3, also with make sure you use Cull the Weak.

Left click: Hungering Arrow + Scatter Shot, but I've been using Entangling Shot + Shock Collar and I'm starting to like it.
Right click: Elemental Arrow + Frost Arrow
1: Caltrops + Torturous Grounds
2: Companion + Bat Companion
3: Impale + Impact / Overpenetration
4: Rapid Fire + Fire Support (takes down mini bosses so quick, and good chunks out of big bosses)
I have 3 secondary skills on my skill bar...

Iv noticed this in other build posts but havent figured it out.

How do you change skills so you can use more than one secondary skill?

05/16/2012 08:50 PMPosted by Moist
I have 3 secondary skills on my skill bar...

Edit: nevermind found it. Options -> Gameplay -> Elective mode
You go to options>gameplay>elective mode.
Spike trap mostly. I find it the most fun along with chakram because they take some thought.
Grenades and Impale.


Working my way through Act I Nightmare. Proud of myself for not switching for the boss of Act IV.
For me:

Left - Bola with Volatile explosives
Right - EA with Frost Arrow
1: Caltrops with Jagged spikes

the other skills get swapped often as I wanna try things out. Bola works exceptionally well with Frost arrow, I get mighty blows almost every cluster, only having to fire 1 shot of each. I'm Lv30 btw. Also Frost arrow can hit more than 3 mobs I pretty sure.
Left- Hungering Arrow w/Cinder Arrow rune
Right- Chakram (Razor)
1- Caltrops (with the root)
2- Tumble (No cost, CD)
3- Companion (Bat)
4- Impale (Stun)
Left-Bola Shot (poison dmg with 3 bolas)
Right-Chakram (Razor)
1-Smoke screen (movement speed)
2-Preparation (Healing)
3-Rain of Vengeance (target rune (Pretty good additionnal dmg source on bosses))
4-Companion (Bat)
bump for higher level players, now post what you use if your 45+
Right Click - Entangling/Chain Gang
Left Click - Chakram/Twin
1 - Reign of Vengeance/Bombing thing
2 - Vault/Half cost
3 - Sentry/Missles (Every one of you not using this is flat out stupid)
4 - Caltrops/Torturous Ground

For bosses swap chakram for Rapid Fire and 1st or 3rd rune depending if you need to move alot or not
Have been having to use Preparation with Battle Scars for boss battles in Nightmare Act IV, Most mini bosses have an almost 1shot k/o if you arent full hp.

Currently 49 just killed izual//NM before maintenance
I'm lv 51 and pretty much all I do is spam ball lightning, lol.

Server went down while i was fighting Diablo on Nightmare :(

Can't wait till hell mode, hope it requires more then 2 buttons on my bars.
Left click: Hungering Arrow + Scatter shot
Right click: Chakram + Twin Chakrams
1: Shadow power + Blood Moon
2: Vault + Tumble
3: Sentry + Spitfire Turret
4: Rain Of Vengeance + Dark Cloud
Tactical Advantage
I was using this before maint, although I'd like to change it.
Lvl 48 or 49, can't remember, but my damage is 2.3k-2.5k. Since I always played with my friends, I don't need to tank often. Hence forgoing all defensive skills as a killing machine. (Stupid move, intending to change)

Left: Hungering + Devouring
Right: Rapid Arrow + Web Shot
1: Shadow Power + Night Bane
2: Companion + Bat
3: Sentry + Spitfire
4: Multishot + Fire at Will
Passives (Massive boost to damage)
Steady Aim
Cull of the Weak
Since I can usually shoot at creatures from a safe place, my primary concern is to kill asap.
Hungering primarily as kiting and hatred generator, with high attack speeds from 1h crossbows.
Rapid arrow + Web Shot = I drop monsters fast in 1v1 fights, since I don't use traps.
Companion for higher hatred regeneration.
Shadow power + Night Bane for additional hatred regeneration and my free potion. Able to regenerate full hp in 1 second with multishot.
End result: Rapid arrow channeled for a long time, multishot as aoe sweeper, casting 7-8 (not too sure but is a lot of times) times before running out of hatred.

I am able to kite mini bosses with this build, but I tend to die easily if my tanks die. Thinking of remaking everything. I will update if my new skill build is good.
Favorite skill due to sheer raw power so far, is Multishot

My constant hotbar setup (so far remaining largely unchanged for any reason)

Lclick: Hungering arrow @ 50% pierce
Rclick: Impale w/ stun proc (my only form of CC lol)
1: Multishot w/ reduced cost
2: Vault w/ Tumble (love tumble for its AMAZING mobility)
3: Smokescreen w/ Lingering (only used in dire situations or as a CC breaker)
4: Companion - Bat (love this, adds about +50% hatred generation compared to shooting)
Tactical advantage (just....amazing with vault/tumble)
Vengeance (LOVE it with my multishot spam build.... i can rifle off 7 multishots before i run out of hatred, and then i just vault to any health globes that are in safe distance)

With an honorable mention (although i don't use it once i got the bat companion) To preperation:punishment.

It restores your disc, then takes it away 25.
So if you are at 0 hatred and 0 disc, popping it gives you Max hatred+5 disc (or 9, or 13...if you are using +4 discipline weapons...) with 2 +disc weapons...you can fill your entire hatred and have enough for 2 tumbles or a smokescreen .. from nothing!!
hhhmmm lets see.

Shadow Power
Vault with the scatter fire ability
-to be announced
Bolo with explosive shot
Rapid Fire with the Withering Fire Rune.

And Vengence is my passive.

more coming soon!

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