Currently useless in NM

Witch Doctor
I've choosen a different angle on my build. I try to do as much damage as possible and man, the WD can do great damage!

This is my build that I used for nightmare!VeZ!aZZZZZ

You have the gargantuan to tank for you and then you shoot the mobs with Locust Swarm that reg's your mana and then just spam firebomb, it's aoe dmg and it jumps between targets. And because your Locust Swarm regenerates your mana you can spam the Acid cloud without running out of your mana. I\ve also used Zombie charger as a substitute, can\t deicide on which one is best =)

Passive skills are spirit vessel, so worth in case you're dying, phetish Psychofants because they do spawn a lot when you use the skills above and they deal a lot of dmg to, and finally Jungle fortitude because WD's are fragile =)

And then spirit walk and mass confusion to escape hard situations.

Hope this helps

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