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05/17/2012 08:13 PMPosted by Ravenpsycho
i was having error 3007 issues since the 16th i have now replaced my Dynlink RTA1025wv6 router that Telstra gave me with a netgear dgn1000 and have opened all ports needed for Diablo 3 and have not had anymore dc'ing from error 3007 game runs sweet now

I'm glad it's working for you, but if your router worked fine with every other game (just like mine does), you shouldn't have had to spend money on another one. This is a problem on Blizzard's end, they're just refusing to admit it for the moment.
Worked for me
Join General chat. . . . . . the black magic that works, this is a nice little temp work around, but I would like to see something a bit more stable
Please fix this sitting in general chat is hardly a solution I can't ignore everybody its just not practical
05/17/2012 07:56 PMPosted by Raziel359
Ok for those who didnt have general chat work for them try this. Last night during my 3 hour play with no disconnects I hit Control+R for the FPS to display as soon as I started. Today I did the same thing after 6 disconnects. I hit Control+R and I was able to play for over two hours with no problems. Minor lag here and there but no drops.

I tried this and it works for me, no disconnects so far. Its really strange, i don't know if its a coincidence or it actually triggers something. But i was gettings DCs every 5 mins and now it seems good so far.
Didn't work for me
Opening your PC to the Internet via DMZ or connecting directly to a modem puts your computer as risk straight away and your computer will start receiving attacks with in the first minute if not with in the first few secs. If your computer is not fully patched or your firewall isn't up to snuff you are screwed.
AGREED! I'm not going to go out and buy a new friggen router just to play ONE game?!
05/17/2012 09:11 PMPosted by Clinkers
Opening your PC to the Internet via DMZ or connecting directly to a modem puts your computer as risk straight away and your computer will start receiving attacks with in the first minute if not with in the first few secs. If your computer is not fully patched or your firewall isn't up to snuff you are screwed.

well if windows firewall isn't good enough then I guess I got no way to play the game, DMZ sounds too risky.
MY SOLUTION is to type in text buffer.... NOT just enter general chat..... I found as long as i was talkin to mates or just typing in the text buffer I hold the 3007 OFF YAAAAAY and as soon as i stop typing for 5 or 10 minutes i get the disco

But seriously how is this problem on my end....
Have you tried joining General chat? That seems to resolve the 3007 disconnections for many. The error is a generic 'connection lost' error, so there could be any number of causes. For people disconnecting within the first 5-10 minutes and very consistently, joining General chat seems to be a successful workaround.

For those people it looks to be an issue with how the game sends data, and how some specific routers work with it (or in this case, don't). It's likely a router support issue we can attempt to mitigate from our end, but it'd be through a patch at some undetermined point in the future. What we need to do now, and ask for your assistance in, is troubleshooting the issue from the user end to try to find a workaround in the mean time.

If joining General chat does not resolve it, again, it's going to be a process for our tech support team to work with you and try to find the cause for your issue. [url=""][/url]

I honestly have no idea how you can even suggest it's user error when D3 is the only thing on the network that gets disconnected. It is defiently on Blizzards side and the suggestion to joining general chat or passing the buck is disrespectful at the very least.
I play Path of Exile, WoW, and all other online game without any problems and now Blizzard wants to tell me that the error is on my side? And if it is on my side, it's only because Blizzard insisted that the single player game be an ONLINE ONLY feature and had to tweak their servers to run with only certain router configs to support whatever proprietary code they are executing, instead of general router configs. When there are this many people complaining, not to mention game site editors, that are complaining about the same disconnect errors, the issue is not on the customer site initially. I seriously can't believe that a brand name like Blizzard would ever turn the tables of its OWN shortcomings on the very people that keep them in business. I will never spend another dollar on ANY Blizzard game from now on. You lost me as a customer, and I'm canceling my Wow account as well. F.U. guys, how dare pin this on your loyal customers? HOW DARE YOU!
I also followed your exsperience for a fix and have played for over a hour no disconect Ty

I will not open my PC up via DMZ to the Internet. This being suggested is stupid and dangerous to even suggest to people who have no idea how risky it is.

Where could I get an in depth explanation of the risk involved?

What if I only enabled DMZ while I played D3 and then removed it once I stopped playing, would that still be risky?

Placing your PC in the DMZ essentially means directly connecting your PC to the internet. It's really not a good idea as there are all sorts of nasty things probing around on the internet looking for an opening.

If like me you're determined to play Diablo 3 at all costs, at the very least make sure your Windows install is fully updated and your firewall is turned on (You will need to open the necessary ports for Diablo 3).
I put together this video to show the last few things I did before my game started working, at the end i purposefully leave the general chat to disconnect and it does, if i dont, i stay connect untill a little bit after I do, every time.

at the end of the video I play a little bit so this might be a spoiler for some (sorry) but I play around and disable and enable general chat which DCs me everytime.

OK, Ive been getting DC and removed from game ever since launch, at random intervals, sometimes seconds, sometimes minutes, id maybe make it through a dungeon once out of every 9 tries maybe. Anyway, I messed with alot of stuff today, going into general chat, none of that worked. Untill I looked at my files and noticed a GB where a US should probably be, the file was smaller too i think only 6 or 7 gigs, and the new US one is 8. Anyway I redownload the US one, install, let it finish installing EVERYTHING, then in the launcher go to options and downloader prefs, then turn the torrent stuff off. Then when you get in go to general chat right as soon as you log in dont start your char.

I went from getting DC randomly like alot of people to playing for over 2 hours uninterrupted, Im even past the quest I was at before they reset my character!

hope this helps someone else.

I did all the other common steps as well, the ones officially supported by blizzard anyway.
REQUEST A REFUND!!!!! For those of us that know that there is nothing wrong with our connections, and now you just feel plain INSULTED and DISRESPECTED demand a refund, I just did and now their in the process of granting it. Tell them how you feel by affecting their pocket book because that is the only way their going to change things.

Trouble Ticket to blizzard from ME:
"I would like a full refund for the Diablo 3 game that I purchased today that I have only played for a total of like 15=10 minutes. I must say that it's criminal to charge $60 for a game that I can't play, and that no one can give me a straight answer of when I will be able to play it. This will be my last purchase from Blizzard. "Online Only" single player mode? What in the world were you guys smoking?"

Customer Service Representative to ME:

As I see you have played Diablo III since requesting this refund, I need confirmation that you wish to have your refund processed. Please reply back to this ticket if you indeed would like for us to refund your purchase of Diablo III.

(I removed the name on purpose)
Customer Services
Blizzard Entertainment"

"Yes it's true, I have been able to login temporarily, only to be kicked off several minutes later. I have tried all the fixes the Forums have suggested but to no avail. Nothing seems to fix the issue about the fact that I can't stay logged in long enough to even complete the current quest that I have been stuck on. So in short, Yes,I would like a Refund for the game please.

Please note, that I would have waited it out, until the servers are more stable in order to play, but it seems that some one from the Blizzard staff has tried to put the blame of "error 3007" on the customer side, which is just plain disrespectful to those of us who play online games all the time and know that there is nothing wrong with our connections. We (speaking for the many who feel this way) really expected more from a huge brand name like Blizzard. I am very sorry to have to part ways with blizzard like this, again my heart is not heavy because of the issues, it's because of the way they are being carelessly handled...</rant> Thank you for you time and attention to my refund request"
did you buy a digital copy?

I wonder if they'll give me a refund when i bought a hardcopy or do i go to the store for a refund?
Yeah it was a Digital Copy, I got it online
Store will not refund it if opened, but you might get Blizzard to credit it back. I dont like being used as a guinea pig at my expense, you know?

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