Mouse-over FPS drop issue (workaround)

Bug Report
On an eVGA GTX 465 on 301.24 beta drivers (though rolling back 3 versions didn't fix the issue).

This may be related to the "FPS stutter" threads, though my issue didn't have to do with loading of assets. I was getting a weird problem where mousing over NPCs, loot, monsters, portals, etc. was causing my FPS to drop from 60 to 30, EVERY time. I ran an onscreen display and noticed that every time I moused over anything that required the game to put the colored "glow" around the NPC, monster or item, my GPU usage would go from 86% to %55 or so. With vsync on FPS would go from 60 to 30 and stay there. Moving the mouse away always made it shoot back up to normal.

Rolling back NVIDIA drivers did nothing. I had to turn off AA if I wanted vsync to stay on. If I turn vsync off, then AA works fine. Just can't have both on for some reason. Seems like a rendering bug with the way the engine draws the "haze" or "glow" effect around moused-over elements.
Play in windowed (fullscreen mode)
The issue will be solved.

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