Latency issues are being ignored.

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We are trying to be patient but its a little jarring that we get no answer to a pretty widespread problem.

We have a 26 page thread that reached the limit of posts (right here ) .

If anyone has the same issue feel free to let us know.
I agree in that it is an issue.

I think it may be too soon to say it's being ignored.

I really enjoy the game, but the latency in it's current state is a joke. I mean there really isn't another way to say it. I literally get better latency across the country even though the servers are 1 hour from my house.

It's either they have some offline, or not enough to meet the current demands, such that they are limiting bandwidth per client. Or they think this current state is acceptable.

I'm willing to give them some more time, but yeah, great game, currently being hamfisted by piss poor latency.
Yes, a even a little ''we're working on it'' is a lot better than being ignored....
I don't expect the servers to stabilize in a few days but I feel very sad and dissapointed when I get back from a 14 hour shift everyday only to find the lag from blizzard's server is unbearable.
I really hope they will consider adding more servers in the future, as it stands right now,this can't be how the blizzard we have known operates like....
Sitting here in Tristram running at 1500 ms bumping to 2000 ms down to 800. Bumping from the previous 26 page thread.
05/17/2012 06:18 PMPosted by Draegor
Well i reported a ticket and 2 days later they tell me its my end... Which is Bull**** because I have 70 - 100 ms during non peak hours, then peak hours 300 - 1000... NA servers. Wth. Blizzard don't blame the customer, fix the servers or use some of the money we spent on the product to upgrade to higher capacity. I understand they are afraid after a month peak population will drop, in that case just RENT some servers... Please just do something.

quote is from the 26 page cut off issue

Go figure blizzard customer service level is lower than !@#$. might as well have a 2 year old doing customer service, of all the times I have had to contact them they blame everything on the user and then a week later come out with a patch that fixes problems (if they even decide to address it)

The plain truth is that their servers are %^-*, Im not sure what they did but with this amount of people having lag spike issues and connectivity problems it is their servers they are just too proud to address or admit to it. once again thanks blizzard for reminding why I try to avoid you at all costs. I really hope they address this soon, otherwise I will just go get a refund and return the game.
Completely unplayable.
Wow, I get peaks at nearly 3000 MS !!!!!!!! I usually run around 100 ms! wth???
Yea I'm getting some issues on my end too, barely got to play yet because of it :(
I am really loving the random yet constant DC's.
My latency usually seems to go from between 100-200 MS early in the day to 250-400 MS in the evening.
I get better latency from the European servers, lol.

Such a fail launch.
Ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous.

I think that word, and that word alone, sums up this issue. The lack of response on this issue is absolutely unacceptable. At least inform us. Give us some information.

And if you're straight ignoring it? Don't worry, you'll lose people soon enough.
Well, I decided to play Diablo 3 today even though I don't have a "good" computer.

To my shock it ran perfectly at med settings. I had to go out for a bit and an hour later, (around 8pm EST) I am getting insane slowdown. Like not even half speed. I know its not the computer because everything in the background and the menus run with very little delay.

So Blizzard, may I ask why you make all your loyal customers play online only single player, and not even care about peoples net speeds at peek times?!

I really love this game, but I see no reason things should be this slow in single player/online mode. Please fix this issue soon!
I just got off the phone with tech support and after a 2hr 23min wait to speak with someone they said that it MAY be an issue on their end and they are investigating. Though this was after I recited the long list of troubleshooting I had already done that did not improve or even effect the terrible latency problems. Here is what I tried so far:
- Multiple speed tests
- defrag and disc cleanup
- updating vid. card drivers and service pack for windows
- closing all background programs and turning off all non essential startup programs
- temporarily disabling antivirus program
- reducing resolution (in game)
- reducing FPS (in game)
I believe that is it, but I can't remember at this point. They did also recommend doing a hard connection to the internet with an ethernet cable, but I haven't tried that yet. Hope this helps somewhat.
So am able to actually log on and play tonight....well sort of, the latency is killing me. I am averaging 600 to 900 at the moment.
Is th latency issue just due to the number of people online? If so any fix for it other that Blizz adding more servers for all the people trying to play?
Between 8am - 5pm Pacific time when I've played the game runs great! Didn't get disconnected at all. That can't work for the average gamer who is working during those hours!! As soon as 5pm eastern time rolls around latency goes up, lag beings, disconnects etc... It's a server load issue and in my opinion that is Blizzards responsibility!! They put this game on their servers so they need to get some better servers, or MORE servers out there for us to play on!! This is ridiculous!
Hard connection doesn't work, There were quite some people that lived on the US with a CABLE CONNECTION that got 200+, How does that work?
I tried hard connecting too, doesn't work, If I can run wow and sc just fine why not D3?
Hard connection doesn't work, There were quite some people that lived on the US with a CABLE CONNECTION that got 200+, How does that work?
I tried hard connecting too, doesn't work, If I can run wow and sc just fine why not D3?

In my opinion it has to do with server load. I honestly played off and on for most of the day and it ran fine! No disconnects at all... Not sure Blizzard is telling the whole truth. They need to upgrade or replace something...

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