will the comp i ordred work

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well to my great sadness i found that the comp i have now (1.5 years old) is just below the min to run D3 so i ordered a new one and was wondering if someone could tell me if it will work here are the basic stats !
1 225-2660 XPS 15
1 317-9225 2nd generation Intel Core i5-2450M processor 2.50 GHz with Turbo Boost 2.0 up to 3.10 GHz
1 317-6414 6GB,DDR3,2 DIMM
1 331-1669 Standard Internal Keyboard - English
1 320-1672 15.6HD TLF WLED LCD L50xX
1 421-3874 Camera Software 2.X, Factory Install
1 421-3642 Basic Stage
1 320-2118 NVIDIA GeForce GT 525M 1GB graphics with Optimus
1 342-2370 750GB 7200 RPM SATA Hard Drive

did i go overboard or is this just enough? thx for any response

well i read the thread that gave most of the info on what will and wont work and i am not sure my video card is one that will work!
It will run D3, but don't expect much.
ok thx well it was that or go with the intel gt 3000 in a inspiron 15r 5110 this one had a non integrated video card and i got a great deal 175 off the listed price so did i do better or...??? and this one has a much faster cpu with the turbo boost to 3.1 and the 7200 rpm hd
What is the total price of this laptop?
i had 5% off and got 120 off the price it was originaly 799+ tax and such i got it for under 730 total if you want i can give u a full run down it also came with 1 year total protection for breakage or other damage. here is a link to the inspiron i almost got
and here is the XPS i did get

P.S the insprion was 706 total

P.P.s i put 630 for the price at first it is 730
The GPU is underpowered for the price, IMO.

This laptop would significantly outperform it in games:
yes that looks like a good video card but 3 things i read a good part of the post you made on about what would work best i also have a 4 gig stick that runs at the same 1333 mhtz so i will have 8 gigs of ram
1) u said that with multiple players in-game u might want a faster cpu the one i have has turbo boost up to 3.1 the one u showed did not
2) u also mentioned that a 17 in screen might not be the best choice.
3) the HD on the one i got is not running at 5400 rpm's it is running at 7200 another thing you mentioned was better!

thank you for the info on this i was so dismayed when i was not able to run it on this lap-top! a few other things about the one i ordered is it comes with a 1 year total replacement for any reason if it gets stolen or dropped off a cliff i get a new one and total tech support for 90 days. and last we have credit with dell so we kind of had to go with it! also did u look at the 2 links?? do you you think i went the right way in not getting the intel hd 3000 and instead going with the gt525?
It's the same i5 CPU. It has a turbo core feature.

True, 17" might not, but the GPU power makes up for it.

Yeah, 5400 RPM.

But for the price, the hardware is pretty beefy -- especially the graphics card. It outperforms GT 630M / GT 540M -- graphics cards usually found in laptops $200~$300 higher than the PC I linked.


But yes, you made a good choice to pick up GT 525, rather than the one with Intel integrated.
thanks so much for the input!!

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