Hell Difficulty Wizards, please advise.

I think the way most perceive stats from their experience in other games
Is confusing when relating to Diablo 3 character stats.
At saying that even though it seems strange
You want to bump up strength on all character classes even your wizard.
Strength gives armor rating.

You have
1342 Intelligence = that’s a lot
200 Strength = almost none = low armor rating

So really you want to increase not just your primary stat (for wizard intelligence)
Try for Intelligence - Strength - Vitality stats on some armor and weapons
Shave some Intelligence even though you feel that it is unwise to part with it
Bump your strength up to 500 +

Life regeneration - stat on armors & Life after kill - stat on weapons
Help while kiting the big baddies

See if that helps you survive longer (you will)
I'll try to write a short post that's easy to glean. My typical Hell build:


I like electrocute because it arcs to several enemies on its own, because it has incredible range, and bc of the AP regen.

I use hydra because I often peek into an area of enemies and drop it to get an early piece of their HP down, then start spamming arcane orbs to take down chunks. They're often dead before they get to me.

I love celestial orb rune (unlocked at 55) because it multiplies the effectiveness against packs that attack in a line (most) and at worst you can drag them around in such a way as to sink it through a line of them. The alternative is tap the source for lower cost.

As a wizard, the "just let me keep casting" approach has kept me alive a lot. I built up some gear that gives me 152 Arcane Power no buffs and 172 when Energy Armor is on. With low casting cost Arcane Orb, the +1 AP electrocute and +4 AP signature spells (electrocute), you get a pretty fast AP regen.

Mirror Image helps with kiting & surviving, as does teleport... but teleport can get you in trouble with clever mobs.

The obvious stats are important - vitality. But don't overlook health regen. I'm at like 150/s and I want to build it more.

The other awesome part of a big AP tank is you can spam Meteor if you use Star Pact. Hell you can spam Meteor even if you DONT use Star Pact but you can spam it a lot more 'with'. I love Meteor for playing multiplayer at NM/Hell. I don't use it as much in solo because it's a bit hard (for me) to cast it on the run. And solo you're usually on the run! But I'm sure it can be done. I tend to avoid packs by running in circles and casting hydra because mouse placement on the cast is a lot less important. With meteor you have to lead the pack to make sure you get a good hit.

General rule for late NM and defintely Hell and probably Inferno: if you can sacrifice DPS for HP, do it. HP is definitely more important. I have a friend who's a 60 DH who loves to brag about his face rolling AH gear twinked 24k DPS and 48k crits but he gets 1-shotted constantly because he's squishy as hell. F that Shh. Survive, that's where the guts are. My DPS stopped rising in Act 4 NM because I got wise. 4-5k is fine when you're on the top side of 25k HP. At least in Hell. My 60 Barb buddy gets 1-shotted with 45k in Inferno =o

great tips after learning up and trying stuff out i have a 38 wiz now spec'd

1 : diamond skin
2 : energy armor
3 : disintigrate
4 : magic weapon

Not trying to sound condescending but you will likely modify that build as you move through NM. You just can't get away with dedicating so many skills to high DPS dumping attacks & buffs when you solo. There's no room for Glass Cannon and there's no room for disintegrate, at least in my experience. It's too slow. Ray of Frost would be better if you want a beam weapon.

I will sometimes use Magic Weapon with the last lvl 56 rune 1.5% dmg to life bc it's a regen tank. Diamond Skin and Arcane Orb I won't argue with. Two best defensive/offensive Wizard abilities in the game.
I am soloing hell with disinigrate to all the people saying it sux in hell.... use it in conjunction with hydra or blizz. Most mobs die before they get to me. For most boss fights switch to ray of frost because its more dps vs single target..
~just killed izzy in hell
~16k dps

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