Grenadier Build - 54+. MAXIMUM DPS

Demon Hunter
Let me preface by saying this build is seemingly only viable if you're running with a tank. I've been using this build in Hell, and have not tried it into inferno yet. I can't foresee this build lacking in inferno though, because it does ridiculous damage and gives great survivability.

Pros: Insane damage, single target and aoe. Mobs explode. and when i say explode, i mean disintegrate.

Cons. HORRIBLE close range damage. stairs are your worst enemy (grenades roll down them).!gbe!aY.bbb


-Grenades, Tinkerer - great for hatred regen, especially with the +2 from grenadier.
-Cluster Arrow, Cluster bombs - this is your nuke. enemies will explode. HOWEVER - you MUST stand at a distance in order for the ball to drop directly on them. Also, don't shoot over walls, it does not explode on contact. You will probably only get 3 casts with a full hatred bar, so make them count.

-Caltraps, bait the trap - adds insult to injury for your damage.
-Smoke screen breathe deep - this is your survivability and aggro drop. you're gonna want the tank to take hits, not you. also use it to run away from mobs. breathe deep is chosen because cluster arrow is a HUGE drain on your hatred and you'll need all the regen you can get.
-Prep, battle scars. Who doesnt love a free heal? It heals for way more than a potion (12,000 if you have 20k hp). use this to regen your discipline and keep up smoke screen to stay at a safe distance.
-rain of vengeance, stampede. sometimes you'll become overburdened and/or surrounded. smoke screen, pop this, run away.

-grenadier - must have for this build
-vengence - you need all the hatred you can get
-archery - insult to injury on top of massive dps

I find it best to hold down shift when casting with the mouse. that way i can spam grenades in all directions as well as cluster arrow without accidentally moving out of my trap. I use this spec when clearing trash. If you encounter extra fast, telephoning mobs. this build is garbage. Opt for a freezing arrow, immobilizing trap build in that case.
This is pure ownage :D when i tried it i was like WTF is this hell difficulty ? mobs were disapearing so fast ... throw one bomb and mobs literally disintegrate, only ash remains :D i switched rain of vengeance to bat companion for even more hatered regen so i can spam bombs all the time, im also thinking about switching caltrops to marked for death : valley of death
I was contemplating a grenade build before the game was released and I really haven't had a chance to try it out (not a huge fan of the way grenades sort of fall away from you) but this looks like an interesting and exciting build. Definitely going to try it out!
i play granadier build only for stuns...!gbe!YaZZbb

this works only with a good monk or barb. dont like this build on inferno. speedy and blink elites are annoying.

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