Why use anything other than Dire Bats?

Witch Doctor
I actually prefer bear charger now, to dire bats. I like it because it procs bad medicine, and the negation is key in higher difficulties, IMO.
Play around with everything.Every difficulty ive gotten to has completely changed the way I play.
In normal early nm it was just spam damage.
Late nm it was more survival.
hell has been almost all survival. normal packs of mobs are completely irrelevant when picking my skills due to the difficulty of elite packs. The only thing I consider now is what skills will allow me to survive and take elite packs down.

honestly, after a hard group there is not a single damage option available that isn't just fine for taking out normal monsters.

would I want to stand still and spam bats at 3 or 4 affix elites? no
Poison bats do more damage than Dire bats. Zombie bears do more damage and have a 'wider' hit range than bats. Spirit barrage hits for 12-14k whereas Dire bats is hitting for 9-12k.

Excluding those reasons, I stopped using them purely because their 'hit path' wasn't certain.
Bats, as I've found, aren't nearly as good as people seem to say they are.

Not only are they pricey enough to make maintaining mana nearly impossible, but they're avoidable, don't have much (at least in comparison to some spells, given they're just a line), have a limited range, and require you to have a dangerously clear line to your target.

Personally, I love Spirit Barrage. Running the Well of Souls glyph I've made a build which can spam the spell endlessly while -gaining- mana. The fact that they can be shot over terrain (and enemies), allow me to take a ton of snares, and that the cleave portion can hit the same target (Yes. If you stand reasonably near an enemy you can get a single spirit barrage to do 280% weapon damage by having all three of the extra bolts it) is just icing on the cake.
when asking and posting advice you should really mention the difficulty you are talking about, as well as grouped or not.

nothing anyone has to say about normal is relevant for hell or inferno.
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Not only are they pricey enough to make maintaining mana nearly impossible

poison bats are quite mana efficient as you only need 1 hit to proc the dot effect which is where the majority of the dmg is coming from
because explosive beast/zombie bears are more useful
I haven't actually used bats at all much, Spirit Barrage is where it's at in my opinion.

With Phantasm is deals tons of damage to a group of people, lingering as well. With a quick animation it's proven deadly to groups.

Currently at lvl50 and just learned of elective mode...

As much as I love dire bats, I think the zombie bears just blow them out of the water

The shorter range can be an issue if you don't build for it, but the damage output of the bears--especially against larger targets where multiple bears can hit per cast--is just too insane to pass up.
I leveled 11-60 using Dire Bats. I tried other spells but nothing was as versatile as Dire Bats. It is a one stop shop for any situation. While it is not always the best tool to use in every situation, it is very viable in just about every situation. Jack of all trades, master of none is a fitting description for this spell. I've recently tried Zombie Bears and I've found a new favorite. It doesn't have the range of Dire Bats, but it's area of effect is much larger and you can hit big enemies with more than one bear, making the DPS of bears much higher than bats for large targets or a group of mobs.
For me I am using Dire Bats and Acid Cloud. I run into the middle of large group use soul harvest then Acid Cloud and pick of the rest with Dire Bats or Firebomb. In case I ever need to get out of a mob I have Spirit Walk and a Gargantuan always with me for the extra damage and I feel more safe with one out lol.

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