Level 26, Can't beat Belial.

Demon Hunter
From experience, what was the easiest way to kill Belial? I am level 26, I have the Templar with me, he is level 25. I am using the Bola shot, the elemental arrow, the caltrops, the roll move, multi arrow, and the turrent thing. Help?
You know you can, like, switch up your skills for boss fights, right?

Cuz several of those skills are !@#$ing terrible for bosses.
I did it with:

Snare Shot
Bola Shot
Elemental Arrow
I think the big aoe arrow thing

These are not ideal. If I had known that Belial was going to pop out right then, I would have swapped out some skills:

1)- Your hatred builder should be whatever you have that does the most damage, with or without a dot. I think this might be piercing arrow, or maybe even the bola shot. If grenades can be aimed to hit him with more than one, then that would be better. Bola is ok.

2)- Your hatred spender could be elemental arrow or the impale with the dot I think, unless chakram can hit mulitple times. Elemental arrow is really good.

3)- You could definitely consider the ability that increases damage done by 12%, that seems pretty much created for boss fights.

4)- You could also consider the shadow power healing trick- that will let you gain some life back a few times.
rapid fire is really good for chipping away at his health really quickly. I recommend you have 1h xbow, as it shoots and recovers the fastest, enabling you to quickly roll out of the way. use the rapid fire addon that makes the arrows do fire damage, light him up when you get a big chunk of time and any other time you see a second to fire, use your hatred building attack.

that's what I did and I beat him at 24.

Also, buff your dexterity. dodging saved my !@# more than once in that fight.

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