Is my build OK for a Level 25 Monk?

Should drop the Mantra of Ret for the healing one.. gives you better survivability, especially when you get the double regen rune.
To be completely honest I think builds are highly gear dependent so it's hard to tell what would be best for you without seeing your equipment. That being said, what's the strengths and weaknesses of your gear? Are you dual-wielding, 1h/shield, or 2h? Are you dying a lot? The build and the gear need to meld as one entity in order to for everything to mesh.
@Bleezie, I don't have the Mantra of Healing yet. I am only level 25, not 26.

@omgitsgene, I die often, but not too much. I dual wield 2 fist weapons. My armor and accessories have high dex and some vit.
I would drop:
Sweeping Wind - Because the damage is just too low without any runes.
SSS - Cooldown too long while dealing too little damage in groups. If you are going for bosses it might be ok to bring this, but usually only able to use it once or twice for the fight.
Mantra - There's no need for any Mantra if you solo (right now), but if you're in a party, Mantra of Evasion seems better.

I would get:
Cyclone Strike with Implosion - To pull everything near you
LTK with Vulture Claw Kick - Good damage. Low spirit cost. And the knockback is good. Spammable at bosses with a fast generator.

Well that was what I was using at that level anyway.

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