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Okay so I did a little investigating to see if this was only in a certain community or what but here is how this works. On the Americas server I was on 2 hours prior to getting this error. I got the error immediately after I joined a random open public game and it didn't join it just hung on the loading screen for a good 10 minutes and as any other gamer would do I hit alt + F4 to get out. After doing so I was unable to get back on the Americas server. Now I did the exact same thing afterward on the European server and the same thing happened again. So from what I've been noticing it looks like when a person attempts to get into a public game and is unable to do so and they exit "improperly" it hangs the load of their character and it stuck somewhere in limbo. I hope one of you people from the blue post reads this and I hope this helps or else reset the public games because the people that have this issue this MIGHT be the cause. Either that just restart your damn servers so that everyone can play and stop bsing that its a DDoS problem just admit that you have server issues.
The same exact thing happened to me, it been about 12 hours now. When I look in the Agent Folder the Logs says this:

05:56:48.1358 GameSession: Could not set the process of the pid 7056 to the foreground.
05:56:52.4865 GameSession: Could not set the process of the pid 1984 to the foreground.
i tried to log in from a dif computer same thing...seems to me a good old server reset is in order
Same and **** u blizzard
im so sick of this issue... it is's issue, not the internet provider... too many people are running into the problem
I love playing error screen its the best!!!!
same im screwed until blizzard fixes it 3 weeks from now
same this !!!
I have the exact same problem, I joined a public game and it froze on the loading screen so I closed the window, and now I just get 3006 time out errors whenever I try to log in. This is total garbage and I've been looking for suggestions to fix it - spent the morning resetting my router, deleting caches, changing my password, opening and closing the game, etc. and no luck. If I have to wait another couple weeks or even a few more days to play this game again with my boyfriend I will be furious, he's already waiting for my monk to catch up to his 56 barbarian so that we can hit level 60 together.

I consider myself to be one of the more mature and understanding Blizzard customers, but after this error 3006 crap I am seriously starting to reconsider how much of this I want to deal with in my video games in the future. The couple of hours of drama that we had on launch day was not a big deal to me and was a bit expected; we laughed at the angry rants in the forums and their threats of class action lawsuits, knowing that we would be playing soon. By "soon" though, I was thinking a few more hours, a day or two tops. I certainly did not expect my game to be utterly unplayable by the weekend. It's incredibly disappointing and I'm starting to lose my enthusiasm to even play it anymore.
same problem 13 hours + here

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