Inferno:Solo Build


This is the build im currently using and doing quite well in inferno mode.

Its pretty simple to do also.

Cast blizzard/hydra then run while shooting piercing orbs when you can.
You must always keep blizzard and hydra up and have a nice long path to kite.. if you need to turn around cause u ran outa room use your diamond armor.

I use the 0 vitality strat and use items with INT/Life steal / hp per sec along with your blood magic u will get max health very easily. Remember some mobs that are really fast will just own you and you have to suck it up and just remake or try and pass them. 3 hits and ur dead remember that.. but u can take like 10+ with diamond armor on and u can save money on hp pots cause u only needs the ones that heal 6.5k

I also use the templar follower

Any questions,comments or suggestions are appreciated.
Ummm...why would use galvanizing ward when you aren't using an armor skill?
Do you change your armor spell on and off your cast bar or something? I see you mention blood magic and you have the galvanizing passive for armor, but you dont have armor on your bar.
sorry i fixed it that was a old verson
this is what most of us are doing on inferno atm, this isn't really anything new.

actually my exact build except I use force weapon over bloods cause ive got 1k hp/sec regen already, and a big amethyst in my weapon. I switch between skin and frost nova, both have the same effect of getting you away from a mistake while kiting or a vortex. Skin is nicer for using during CC
just got into inferno. i have a similar build, except the force weapon on magic wep, and arcane orb/obliterate...i like the idea of blizzard. can all champions be snared?

i may switch my armor to this low health/fast gen idea. thought of this when i saw the skill but didnt think i would need it....idk bro inferno is pretty tough

whats your dps guys?

22k health
05/21/2012 11:28 AMPosted by Crazycast
Ummm...why would use galvanizing ward when you aren't using an armor skill?

Don't ask questions, when you're a fool who doesn't know what the !@#$ 'energy armor' is or means.

Don't hate on me bro because you make a stupid mistake in posting the wrong build. Scrub.
i didnt post that that is a dif guy made a mistake in build and fixed it.

i have 16k dps and 6.5k life
any of you guys use arcane orb or disintegrate? and no archon? i been use disintegrate so far, and archon do tons damage?

13k without magic weapon and 40k life
Disintegrate and RoF doesnt fit into the Diablo Universe. They are bad game mechanics.
Unless you specc like a barb with tons of survivability, the only option you have is glass cannon + the mana shield "35%" and constant kiting.

Spells that make you stand still and shoot wont work because you have to constantly move.

I use a similar build, just that I use blizzard as my main spell, my Poison Hydra and magic Missile as main damage and my Teleport as my escape.

I currently run with a weapon enhancement as well and my current dps is at roughly 19k with 16k health.

It works like a charm, and the poison hydra just does retarded damage. Ticks for 10k lol

I used to use Arcane Orb, but did much better with arcane missile + Blizzard stacked with the poison hydra.

A lot of the spells made for the wizard (cant say for other classes, only reached 60 inferno with my wiz) are fun in theory and visuals, but just doesnt fit into the Diablo Universe.

The Arcane Torrent is the worst one. Delayed casting with slowed travel time makes this the worst choise for wizards, altho the theory behind it is fun.

Hopefully some balance and tweaks will fix these issues :)
I've pretty much just based my entire build around hydra kiting since I got to inferno. I use Sparkflint, Force Weapon, Energy Armor, Diamond Skin, Hydra and Arcane Orb. Things take forever to kill kiting this way and there are still some champion packs that are literally impossible even with movespeed boots but at least I'm doing better than Barbarians. I don't have a lot of gold to go to the Ah and buy pure int gear or I would. I'm just using what I've picked up.

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