How items could have affected skill choosing

Items and Crafting
Ideally, each player would choose different skills/runes by their preference, and we'll see thousands of combinations. The reality, however, is that people just choose the handful of skills that work the best.
To make the loot system more interesting, we may let items affect the skills/runes, which is not the case as of now.

Let me try to make up examples. I'll use Demon Hunter because I'm playing Demon Hunter.

item properties:
  • When equipped, Multishot without rune costs 25 hatred instead of 40.
  • Increase the chance of piercing target by 25% when using Hungering Arrow.
  • When using the Acid Strike rune on Bola Shot, five acid bolas are shot instead of three.
  • Increase the radius of of Stun Grenades by 3 yards.
  • When equipped, the passive skill Numbing Traps is activated permanently.

  • These could be realized by Legendary and Set, or even prefix and suffix on the class limited items. The goal is to make players reconsider their skill choice when they find new gear, and avoid the picture in D2 that everybody builds their character the same way.

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