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05/21/2012 08:20 PMPosted by Ganelon
When one of your astute coworkers can tell me the difference between a pnp and an npn common emitter and common base collector on a transistor then I will be inclined to listen.

Lol, an attempt to sound smart went horribly wrong :P
Respond to reports from people with authenticators about being hacked by telling them 'nothing is wrong, it's your fault, get an authenticator'. Classy A+ customer service.
What about the numerous accounts of people with authenticators who have been compromised? What is your response to reports of login spoofing which has nothing to do with client side security at all?

All we're seeing here is a cookie cutter "make sure your account is secure" response which ignores that issue completely.

What's being done with the gold sellers? (who're most probably selling stolen gold and items).
How does this post address the myriad of people being effected by this? Importantly and namely, those with authenticators attached.
The post is just a lot of air, no concrete information anywhere thats not already available on

Authenticators are useful and a very useful LAYER in security. They are not an end-all to securing your account. You need to be sure to run up-to-date security (there are several very good free programs available), don't click on links in emails, and be careful what websites you go to. These are just a few of the very easy to do steps that will keep you from being hacked.

Blizzard can only secure one end of the server-to-client connection. It is your responsibility to ensure the security of your computer. They are simply doing the best they can to assist you with additional tools.
05/21/2012 08:18 PMPosted by Trip
I did not get hacked, but I will still defend everyone who did. With that said, what is being done for those who lost all of their stuff?

Here you go:

Is this a joke? Your basically calling those that got forced logged off, and a friend watched their character log online and drop items onto a level 1 worthless.

Especially those with authenticators.

They didn't have authenticators, if they are saying they did, they're lying. I know, hard to believe.

If they did, they got man in the middle hit, and that still means their own system is compromised.
Basically they told me tough luck and to piss off.
I have no desire to expose my account to potential risks here. I need to know (and be able to trust) that public games are safe. I want to know how and why a rash of compromises (even for people with authenticators and people who are security conscious) have been compromised. I've put up with a LOT of crap going on due to this Online Only DRM crap, and I certainly don't want to be dealt another blow on top of it all.
This post says nothing at all.

Did your servers get hacked? Is someone spoofing IDs to bypass the authentication system?

Is the hole in your security system that allowed this fixed?

There's no hole in their security system. Blizzard wasn't hacked...
Except authenticators don't stop session spoofing?

Nice cookie cutter response though I guess.
05/21/2012 08:20 PMPosted by Ganelon
When one of your astute coworkers can tell me the difference between a pnp and an npn common emitter and common base collector on a transistor then I will be inclined to listen.

... are you serious?

Not only does that have nothing to do with account security, few people care about transitor technology these days anyway. The only reason you'd learn +-+ or -+- is for legacy curiosity, theory, or educating yourself for maintenence or repair of basic electronics.

So you took a semester of Shop class. Congratulations.

What's next? You're going to demand your tech support personel explain Ohm's law before you listen to them?

Anyway. The blue post was still disappointing, mostly because it didn't at all address the actual cause of the alleged hacking spree. If reports are true it has NOTHING to do with account security whatsoever and everything to do with Diablo III's session ID system.
This is pure PR that doesn't address the issues at all. Have Blizzard servers been compromised? Is session-ID spoofing going on? How do you respond to the "Hacked with an Authenticator" queries?

Straight answers please.
This says nothing. Yet another inept response from CSR about the game. Telling people who have been online for years how to protect their accounts? We aren't morons or little kids.

Good luck making money from the RMAH which was your golden egg because after this and that poor excuse as a response your gonna need it.
Here is their response:


Thank you for taking the time to contact Blizzard Entertainment Customer Support.

We are not able to provide the restoration requested in your ticket. We cannot alter followers, artisans, or achievements, nor change the quest progress of your characters. While you can check your quests from the hero screen to see if you have gone back to an earlier point in the act, if this is not the case we would have no way of reverting your progress back to where it was, I'm afraid.

For more information on restorations in Diablo III, see our support article:

We hope that you continue to enjoy your adventures in Sanctuary!


Game Master Kenshalus
Customer Services
Blizzard Entertainment

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