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Bug Report
About 5 mintues ago was browsing the Auction house for 2h weapons, I found one that I wanted and clicked to buyout the item. It took about a minute then said "Bid timeout Error" so I refreshed the page, the item was gone and my gold was gone as well. I went into my completed tab and there was nothing there. So 200k gold is missing with no item or anything. Not very happy at this moment.
Rather than creating another thread, I'll lump my Auction House issue in here. My Blind Faith auction failed to sell and expired but, instead of being available in the Complete tab for return to my stash, it has disappeared entirely. It's been over two hours since the expiration and I'm currently waiting on a response to an open ticket.
I was getting 'request timed out' over and over trying to buy one set item, now apparently all the requests worked and i lost all my gold but I have like 7 of these things...... plz fix this timed out problem =(
That happened to me too!! i lost 200k buying a 50k item
Just happened to me -- I lost 70000. Took the money twice. Please fix. I also want my gold back!
I just lost 120k from bidding on something that was timed out. When i logged back in my money was gone and i had no weapon. Is there anything that can be done to get my money back?

UPDATE. My money was refunded to me through the auction house. Just took a little bit
Just happened to me. I tried to buy pants that cost 20,000 gold and it timed out. It took my 20k in gold, but I don't have the pants. 20K gold! I want it all back! Or 10 pairs of those pants!
I just lost ~80k+ on an item that i didnt win the bid on.. can someone point me in the right direction as to whom i should complain to? :/
Thanks, I just got it back.
I just lost 300k gold on a "timed out" bid. :( The auction history says it was sold to me... uhhh, no it wasn't. Very disappointed.
I received the same time-out error and two of my purchases show up in the "completed" section, my gold is gone, but no items were given to me. Hopefully, I'll get refunded as well.
I also lost gold, *Dr. Evil face* ....One....Trillion...Dollars......

(I didn't lose any gold, but am experiencing time out errors and failed bids).
I'm also a victim of this. Just lost 250k buying a new pair of boots I really needed... >.>

Has anyone had any luck getting their gold back?

edit: after a bit of time they showed up in the completed section of the ah
lost 1.2m trying to buy a bow, bump this for blizzard's notice please.
05/21/2012 11:23 PMPosted by Mata
Update: I relogged and went to "completed" and the gold was returned to me due to a failed auction. Hope everyone else get's theirs back too!

This is what happened to me as well.

I didn't actually notice that my gold went missing when I got the timeout (wasn't a large transaction), but a stack of gold did show up in my completed shortly after.
Thank god it's in my completed list after 2 hours.

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