Build Criticisms?

Currently finishing up Act III NM and and am experimenting with ways to transition into Hell/Inferno. Currently Level 48.

I've currently been running this build (!YWU!ZZZZZa ) as my primary, while switching out Disintegrate/Blizzard/Temporal Flux for Frost Hydra, Ray of Frost (Snow Blast), and Astral Presence when facing bosses (in addition to other tailoring when facing some crazy affixes. Mostly started using this build after realizing that when I use disintegrate, I'm almost never using my signature spell at all (by the time I'm out of Arcane, either the enemy is dead or they're too close for me to use them).

The idea here is to do tons of damage (tm) in AoE, while facilitating easy kiting for myself. Stack Blizzard slows/stun on top of Disintegrate slow to make it possible to mow things down ridiculously fast (while Diamond Skin doubles as a defensive tool for o!@#$ moments and projectile spam and as an offensive tool to sustain my Arcane without a Signature spell to fall back on). If I run out of Arcane Power while facing a mob, I either can just auto with a wand if there's not many left or kite away while they're all slowed. Frost Nova is my primary defensive tool when I get ambushed by random burrowers or teleporters (and just in case the enemy gets too close). It's been pretty effective for me thus far, except when I face mobs like Fast/Fire chain phasebeasts or a nightmarish horde of archers.

Essential to this build has been extra %MS (and some % life leech to sustain and mitigate random projectiles).
No one?
Interesting! I like where you're going with it.

Have you considered the snowbound rune for blizzard? you seem to have a lot of dependence on arcane power, cheaper cost of bliz as opposed stun proc might be worth it considering youre already getting a stun off frost nova on reduced cd. Thoughts?
At Hell/Inferno. The difficulty ramp up is considerable. At least 5x more than how Normal transitioned into Nightmare. Most if not all Hell builds will need Energy Armour, Diamond Skin and Magic Weapon and Galvanising Ward for a passive. Most Hell builds also have a Signature Spell. It is necessary because running out of AP is a very common occurrence, why? Because even trash mobs have upwards of 100,000 hp. Unless you are rocking 50k DPS(even Inferno Wizards very rarely break the 30k mark), you will be spamming a lot of spells.

Standing still to channel Disintegrate is not ideal but can be done, I have done it on Hell but I prefer Arcane Orb for the virtue of being more mobile.

Mobility = 50% survivability in Hell. The other 50% comes from your build.
Drop cold blooded not useful as blizzard isn't hitting really hard, and never will. It is there for the slow.

You CAN keep Temporal Flux for the slow on Disintegrate, but to save yourself a lot of AOE problems, swap the rune to Volatility. It chains off itself, if one blows up, chances are everything else will as well.

Think about the passives: Arcane Presence and possibly Power hungry as you are running no sustain (no signature spells).

Also energy armor becomes BOSS at 54, until then you might want to invest in a signature for just polishing off that one last tough monster which will happen.

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