NVIDIA Low Performance Fix (9800 GT)

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This performance fix helped me greatly, and might be as simple as a driver rollback.

I experienced sub-par FPS while in town and running (~40 FPS) and terrible FPS (5-15) when fighting big groups of enemies, smashing multiple urns/walls/etc. Before this fix, I even tried running the game at 800x600 lowest settings -- to no avail. But now, with this change, the game now runs smoothly pretty much at 60 FPS constant, 1280x1024 near max settings.

I'm using GeForce 1GB 9800GT, Phenom II x4 965, 4GB DDR2 RAM on a fresh copy of Win7 64-bit Home Premium.

Here is the important part: when the D3 launcher alerted me that my video drivers were out of date, I ignored it. In fact I went straight to the game (the very first thing I installed on my system) and everything worked PERFECTLY.

But maybe re-installing your OS is unnecessary. In fact if you can find these drivers online, you too might have luck in improving your performance, fellow NVIDIA users. Taken straight from the device manager:

Video adapter: NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT (Microsoft Corporation - WDDM v1.1)
Driver Provider: NVIDIA
Driver Date: 5/14/2009
Driver Version:
Digital Signer: Microsoft Windows


I could not locate the original certified driver package from NVIDIA's web site, so I cannot provide a guaranteed download. Using a search engine to query the driver version "" is probably your best bet if you want to try this approach.

I did find a web site that claims to have many old NVIDIA drivers, including the one I list above. ****I cannot vouch for this website, but it might work for you. Only install drivers for your EXACT display adapter. Be extremely wary of third party repositories not certified by the manufacturer!!!****


I hope this helps someone else; I have played dozens of hours with terrible performance and spent just as much time tweaking my system to finally find something that works for me! Please post below if this works, or if you have found something for sure that works!
I am having this problem too. Isnt there an option in the nvidia control panel to rollback drivers? I pray this works
I used the same gc too. got constant 50+ FPS with all high setting in 1080p with AA turn off. Just download latest driver from Nvidia released on 22nd May. Happy gaming guys. ;)
05/29/2012 09:24 PMPosted by ZakovicZin
Just download latest driver from Nvidia released on 22nd May.

Confirmed that this works for me! Performance is slightly worse with the new drivers than with the 2009 ones, but I'd rather use up to date ones :)
EDIT - replied to the wrong post, sorry. Post I'm referring to is:

I have a Geforce 560m GTX. I tried the new drivers (version 301.42) and I am running better so far. I am using the adaptive vSync instead of the game's vSync, and I also set the D3 pref number to 1 instead of the default 4.

Not sure which of these helped the most (I also chose "clean driver install" in the "custom installtion" options of the Nvidia driver), but at least I am running better. I have all options on High, 1080 resolution, with AA on and I'm capping at 60fps with the adaptive vSync.

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