AH lagged out, items lost in limbo

Bug Report
1. selected dagger item to sell
2. entered in starting/buyout prices
3. click button to post to AH
4. action takes ages, times out
5. dagger is no longer in stash
6. log out, log back in to check AH
7. says i've only got 4/10 items currently for sale
8. can't post any more items, says i've hit my 10 item limit already

the limbo item(s) are not in stash, "selling" tab or "send to stash" list.
Same, half my auctions have disappeared, including several that had bids. In addition, about 4 items that I had in the completed list are also gone.
Sweet, went to bed and checked it in the morning.
Seems to be fine now.

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