Best stats for Inferno progression?

Demon Hunter
I've been working on Inferno, just started Act II and need some help figuring out the best stats. My damage seems to be fine, I know my health is pretty low and so are my current resists. I get one shot by a lot of things.

I can't seem to find much on Inferno stats, but what I have heard is that we should be going with: Dexterity, Crit Damage and All Resists.

Currently I am at:
Dexterity: 1360
Vitality: 705
Resists: 108-169 for all
Armor: 2202
Damage: 31399.16 with Sharpshooter

Let me know if you guys know what stats I should be prioritizing

Your damage is a bit low.
Your damage is simply too low for inferno.
once you get to act2/3 health pools and resistances are wildly useless.
You can have health to like 25k with your said resists and you will be able to tank only 1 normal hit from small-medium mobs.
Most of the time you are simply better off to maximise damage and do your best to not get hit.

If you post up full stats,
weapon type
weapon damage
crit chance
bonus crit
I can tell you what will be the best to improve your damage.
Please include what playstyle you are currently using, as it can have an affect on how you should build.
only place you need hp is butcher, need about 30k with some resists to stop the aoe chain oneshot.

rest of the game focus purely on damage (NOT THE DAMAGE ON YOUR CHAR SHEET, IAS WILDLY INFLATES YOUR PERCEIVED DAMAGE) which means crit damage, dex and +damage

and max disc and some hatred regen.
I am using

2H Crossbow
771.7 DPS
570-833 Damage
1.10 Attacks per second
+111 Dexterity
+42 Vitality

Also using a Quiver
+91 Dexterity
+11% Attack Speed
+267 to Health Globe
+34 Dexterity gem

Crit Hit Chance is 100%
Crit Hit Damage is 117%

Current build is:
1-Smoke Screen: Lingering Fog
2-Spike Trap: Bandolier
3-Preparation: Backup Plan
4-Marked for Death: Valley of Death
L-Hungering Arrow: Spray of Teeth
R-Elemental Arrow: Nether Tentacles
hey man get a level 60 quiver with 14% attack speed increase
also another ring with 10%~ atk increase
itll boost ur dps way up there, faster nether tentacle spam (with the bat)

gl mate :)

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