could any1 tell me why my dmg stat goes dwn

Demon Hunter
hey i was wondering if anybody could tell me why when i shoot somthing on my demon hunter my damage stat goes from 7.8k down to 5.5k i dont quiet understand?

EDIT:never mind lol i just worked it out it was the skill sharpshooter (gain 3% critical hit chance every second. this bonus is reset 1 second after you successfully critically hit)
sharpshooter passive.
your damage stats on your character page calculates the DPS with the current stats and assumes that its all static and wont change, but sharp shooter adds crit chance every second and resets every attack, thus your dps will also change.

dont rely on your dps stat when you have sharpshooter on, if you want to know your dps stat, I suggest you take off sharpshooter and use that number, that'll be your base dps, sharpshooter is just an icing on the cake

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