Need help with whisper!

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whenever I join a party/game and press "enter" to talk, it opens whisper. its very annoying because all my messages go to my friends. how to stop it?

- i tried changing to party manually using "/p" and it works but as soon as i leave and enter a new game, the whisper returns automatically.

I want to enter a game and have it set to public automatically!
help please
thank you for your reply

- You have to do "/p" every time you join a game which i find very annoying. so there's no way to join a game and have it automatically set to public?

ps: i don't mind it switching to whisper when im not in any game. all my friends are annoyed by this as well!
dont u think its stupid ? so many find it annoying
Thank you so much for your help.
Ill give it a shot i guess.

- Sorry for sounding frustrated

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