Found a lvl Req Reduced 60 rare bow.

Demon Hunter
It's down to 54 now. Any good?

DPS 525.8
212 Dexterity
125 Vitality
1.9% Chance to chill on hit
Level Requirement Reduced by -6
Look at the auction house to compare, it isn't that difficult
If you "found a lvl req reduced 60 rare bow." Then yes. If you found a "lvl req reduced 6 rare bow," then perhaps.
Ah isn't stable for me right now, hence why I shot at the forums.

Note: Replying to threads isn't mandatory, thx!
Found this a few days ago...made a Demon Hunter in order to test it out. It is nothing short of amazing, rofl.

My damage went from 1500 to 9000 without Sharpshooter at level 48..

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