IZUAL not dropping plans for Herding Staff.

Items and Crafting
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and here is the double luck post
posting for luck, 52 tries and counting
Got my plans on normal mp 0 two tries after posting! (with 0 magic find gear, only 21% from paragon levels)
I'll post for luck too.
let's see how it works...
it definitely doesn't work :c
lucky post?...FC
posting here for luck only ... killed him 20 times now... wish me luck
After trying all day yesterday with no luck, posting for goodluck ><


Finally dropped! Took 5-10 more tries, but i was trying for atleast 6 hours yesterday!
Posting for luck.

last item for pony land ... Whoooo
wish me luck ;p
I farmed him more than 10 times last night no drop hope this brings me luck for later!!!
Posting for luck and to tell Blizzard they suck. I'm playing on INFERNO and killed him 20+ times with no drop. This is now STUPID.
6 hours of your life to farm a drop. This is stupid and Blizzard sucks.
Go ahead Blizzard disable my account. That way I don't have to spend the next 8 hours farming a drop. I have a job, wife, kids .... I don't think I should have to kill a boss 30+x's to get a drop.
This is a waste of time...like 20 times now....
It is going to be my 5th run, just hoping he will finally drop the damn thing.
Does it matter that I am now on Hell difficulty? Or was I supposed to get the staff and the ingredients on the normal difficulty?
wish me luck, guys!
c'mon, Izzy, give me the thing, and I will stop killing you! :)
10th run, still no luck
posting for luck here!
God im desperate.....posting for luck
wow....2nd try after posting and got it with over 450 MF good luck everyone

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