IZUAL not dropping plans for Herding Staff.

Items and Crafting
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post helped, dropped right after
45 runs so far, no luck. Posting for luck!
It's driving me crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!In HC mode it dropped after about 10 runs, but softcore it's been hours and still it doesn't drop!
tried about 30 times so far. nothing. played thru with a buddy, dropped on the 2nd try for him. then we found out that the components for the staff arent tradeable. !@#$.
posting in luck thread please work gosh darnit
ok second attempt with thread luck
Posting for luck. Stopped counting runs after I hit 30. I'd guess I'm around 40 to 50 times now. Frustrating...
jesus ronald christ 20 runs in and nothing. posting for luck
Posting for luck!
posting for luck!! have been running since yesterday =(
You cannot buy the initial plans to create the base staff off the vendors. You can only buy the nightmare / hell / inferno upgrade plans for 1 gold - NOT the initial ones (unfortunately).
posting for luccckk
Anyone find any trick / tips yet? 4 hours now - still no sign of it ::(

Seriously - all you people who claim it dropped for you on the first try - WTF is wrong with you? That's like impossible!
^ agreed

this is driving me nuts
not even 2 minutes after i posted ^


it drops on nightmare for me on first run, after like 50x normal run
lord im getting im patient! pls bless me wiht the plans!
OMFG posting on this forum really works!! got it after 2nd try!!!
Dropped 2nd run after posting. Upgraded to Hellish staff and immediately regretted it. The gold and items dropped there are udder (hah!) crap. I just wasted hours of time and 750k gold. Maybe the inferno one is worth it, but it'll be a bit before I get that far in to find out.
Hope this helps
Ive killed izual around 20-30 times on hell mode, im sick of this and it shoudnt take this long, izual is consuming my time cause ive got so far and i dont wanna give up! POSTING FOR LUCK! PLZ work!!

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