My characters are gone.....

Bug Report
Logged off for a bit after beating the Skeleton King and bringing Tyrael to Deckard Cain, came back online and my lvl 5 monk and my lvl 10 Demon Hunter are gone...
I just had the same issue. I logged in and my level 8 barbarian was gone.
check the region selector in the options menu

options -> account -> the americas

log out and log back in, do you see your toons?
Are u guys sure that u were using the same server as before. Chars are made by region, try changing the servers. gl
Spoiler alert!!!!!
Changed servers and nothing... everything is gone....
05/15/2012 07:22 PMPosted by Litefang
Changed servers and nothing... everything is gone...

sad to hear. hope they will be back soon.

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