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Ive found 3 rare items from random monsters. My first rare I found last night was from a barrel.
In Inferno or at lvl 60 they will have that buff that will make the bosses drop better loot
Does boosting MF increase chances of finding yellows as well?
I got a drop items for a single mobs tonight... so it's not just bosses!
05/15/2012 07:55 PMPosted by Chito
Bosses always drop rares the first time you beat 'em. Less of a chance after that.

This isn't true. I've killed 2 bosses and I did not get any gold items, only blues
I got a rare off of a dead body i turned over.....they are everywhere. Just explore every thing, you will find the good stuff. =)
can we understand that there is yellow items and then there is gold items
Got unique from a normal mob, so don't give up!
the blue randome drops in act 2 start smokeing the act 1 rares pretty fast
Does boosting MF increase chances of finding yellows as well?
int this game, you can get the best item in the game from a pot, extremely low chances but the item generator is random with vary few variables.
This was the case in Beta:

1) the first time you fight a boss, they ALWAYS drop a yellow item
2) Yellow items, outside of the first boss fight, are just as likely to drop from a mini-boss as a boss
3) Yellow items can drop from chests (but only resplendent chests I think)
4) Magic Find obviously increases the chance of yellows, but your MF in a party is reduced (or increased) to the party average when playing w/ others
5) Because of the Auction House and Crafting, Gold-Find is usually more profitable since it's not reduced to party average, always consistent no matter what you're fighting, and more likely to end with what specifically you're looking for (since u craft/buy it)

... yeah ... this ain't the same ol' Diablo kids.
this was changed to prevent the game from devolving to mephisto runs
05/15/2012 08:34 PMPosted by SMOKEY
Gold or Yellow? Theres a difference...

This.. damned WoW kids don't know wtf they are doing on this game..
Chance to find magic item+++++ gear necessary probably if history tells us anything. D2 you used to have a +magic item find gear just for farming.
so is it best to destroy the blues/yellows u don't use for materials? or is it better to just sell them to a vendor?
I got some gold item from golden monsters, not the Boss.
Got one from an altar. It pays to explore. I've found about five yellows and have not finished Act I (not even close to finishing it yet).

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