Ping is perfect stop complaining

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somebody delete this thread it's helping nothing. You just wait till you try to play the game when all the americans are.

Bottom line is we need oceanic servers and this is not up for debate! Arguing is just making this less likely, and it's simply about time!
400-600 latency all the time. Only in Diablo. All my Steam games have ping in the low 20's. WoW's latency is between 65 and 100. wtf... Was running fine on launch date. Then when the servers were restated this crap happens.
I hear that..... iinet = F#%&*N rubbish nowdays
Lol stop crying. This is not a single player game never was. Also check your ISP's because still haven't gone above 250ms apart from once.
This is a great game stop complaining
Lol stop crying. This is not a single player game never was. Also check your ISP's because still haven't gone above 250ms apart from once.
This is a great game stop complaining

People arent complaining about the game itself, our pings are fine yes when all the US kiddies are asleep, but during US peak time it can spike all over the place. just because YOU and the OP arent having problems doesnt mean others arent.

ofcourse it also depends on your ISP and location but too many people are complaing for it to be localised.
What is the point of this thread OP? Well done, your having no issues so you come on here to brag? You do realise that these kind of threads dont help anyone?

Surely you can see that having a server closer to Australia/NZ helps everyone here including yourself? If your having no problems why dont you keep it to yourself?
Lol stop crying. This is not a single player game never was. Also check your ISP's because still haven't gone above 250ms apart from once.
This is a great game stop complaining

I'd liken it more to a single player game than not. If everybody who connected was in towns and you made parties there and then went into seperate instances I could see it as an MMO, but this is nothing like that. There is no reason for a 4 player game to be online only.

Most people have countless examples of other programs that work consistently, so the flaw is far more likely on Blizzard's side. We've purchased a product which doesn't work as intended, and as such we've a right to complain. Yes it's just launch and it may get worked out, but some people would prefer to at least let it be known that there's a problem so something may hopefully get done about it.

I also quite dislike the fact that you are completely ignoring the experiences of everybody else. Like in your original post, it would be akin to saying "Well, I don't have a disability, none of my friends have a disability, therefore nobody could have a disability". It's and entirely flawed logic system and you should reconsider your way of thinking if you apply this to everyday life.
The 'few' people that are having no problems, thats fine. This does not apply to EVERYONE tho, there are people out there with real latency issues. So bragging and saying THE GAME IS FINE is just stupid and you are helping nothing.
I get around 300 to 400 on my next G connection but does not make it unplayable at all
Yeah congratulations to you and my problem is still not being fixed.
There's nothing more to say.
dude when we say we have lag and crash's why would you comment about not having it ,plz !@#$ and let who are having lag say so,im having lag and having errors now which i dont know why ,also getting the rubber band effect aslo,came to a aera and could go forward at all , had to go around then it let me lol .
Ill agree with you.

210ms here, no lag, no crashes, running 100% for me.

Typical clueless response, just like the OP. For starters, while maybe for you (clueless) 210ms may be considered a good ping, it is by far, not, in fact it is 4 times worse than what we should be getting, if we had a dedicated oceanic server.

I too get 200ms pings on my home connection and will still occasionally get the typical, move from incoming mortar rounds only to be standing well out of the aoe rings of fire where they impact (this is but one example) and still see red numbers of damage ticking away over my characters head.

Oh and good luck playing pvp (when it comes out) with your awesome 210ms ping vs a yank with his 50ms ping.
I live in NZ and I can say theres alot of lagg, even most of the americans lag.

I get 44ms to and 148ms to WoW. Lowest I'v had on D3 is 169 which has about 30ms jitter. Literally spiking 20-50ms every second, and its not my end.

Nothing like getting stuck on Belial because all you do is teleport back onto a bomb. It gets worse too, when even your abilitys lag and everything freezes.

I'm on adsl2+ (right next to exchange ) 20mbit down 1.24mbit up and 100% of bandwidth is free to use on D3.
I have no problem with my Ping. It is the random "rubber banding" that is starting to get me. =(
05/15/2012 10:58 PMPosted by IsAZombie
was getting around 400-600ms before the servers went down, I'm getting a ping to the EU (300-400) then I am to the US servers, and even that is causing visible lag, foolishly I didn't check my ping last night when it was fine, Asia is giving me the worst at 500+ms.

Ping is always !@#$ before an and yes Europe can be better than America at times. Go figure. Asia server is probably the worst.
Some players may be experiencing the lag-free lifestyle of Diablo 3,
But quite a number of players are getting 350+ for a game designed to heavily rely on Actions and Actions Per Second - Something must be done for the thousands of Australia and New Zealand Users.
Blizzard, if you are that obsessed with making money, fix the lag issue and hopefully the players that have quit due to this issue will flood back.
They already have their monies.
If my friends list is anything to go buy, over 90% of Australians have quit the game. Blizzard may have ruined a franchise name in Australia and perhaps even worse, their own name.

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