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Inferno/Melee, try moving away after making a few attacks on a mob with desecration/ will notice for a split second you pop back into original place. This is with a ping of '180'.
playing from Wellington, NZ

Hi, I used to play wow arena and get a !@#$ty but stable ping of around 180-330 ms.
After a year or so of that i began using the lowerping gateways and got my ping down to 100-150 ms. It was a hell of a lot better and I couldn't play without it after that.

Now I've just started in Diablo3, played for about 2 weeks and determined that my usual ping sits around 180-330 ms , exactly the same as it used to be in wow.

As I'm only interested in playing hardcore mode, I'm keen to find some more of these gateway proxy websites to reduce my ping.

from memory some were named 'wowtunnels', 'lowerping' hmm cant remember the other one... anyways, are their any diablo3 proxy gateways known or announced?
or does anyone use a proxy gateway for another game that may also work with D3 ?

(erm I duno if that stuffs allowed to be talked about or whatever... if not - My apologies, i just want a nice ping in this game coz I'm enjoying it more than path of exile as far as the team play goes)

Blizzard representative if you read this can you please ask your bosses to setup a proxy gateway for NZ/Aus players to get better ping to D3, now that would be something worth paying for! (before some other dudes do it, like they did with wow)

Edit: just read IsAZombie's post - yes this is what I'm after

Edit: K I've just downloaded and installed the client which now has support for Diablo3 american servers.
When the servers are back up I will test it and update this post.

Edit: It seems to be working great! ping is now constant, fluctuating between 178-182 but a vast improvement on what it was before! thanks alot to IsAZombie for the info.

@Nicko2580 im not interested in your opinion i just want better ping. And now its better so im really stoked :> !
I love it when i see ppl who doesnt have problems tells off the ones that has..... Is like a rich arrogant fool telling off a bum who had to beg for his meal. "the income is fine, stop complaining and go away".
Finally, someone knows how to be constructive rather than destructive.
Half the posts here seem to enjoy putting users down for having game issues they don't understand. Their mommy must be very proud.

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