Network Disconnect *temp work around*

Technical Support
So I've been having this problem since beta. I log in to my guy and nothing happens. I can move for a bit, sometimes not at all, then I get the "game connection has been lost" screen. So I figured I would try to play on the Euro servers while the servers were down today. I figured it was worth a shot. I not only was able to play for 3 hours straight with no incident, but the lag wasn't all that bad either. My ping stayed around 130-250 ms. It spiked sometimes to the 2k range but always went back down. Either way it's worth a shot if you're having this problem. Go to the options menu before you log into the game. Click accounts then set the server region to Europe, log in and see if it works. It's not a permanent fix but at least I was able to play since last night.

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