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I just wanted to make sure I wasn't the only one getting some pretty severe lag this afternoon.

I STILL get the stuttering issue (though I quelled it somewhat by adjusting the FPS options), but now it's accompanied by extreme in attacks will at times register up to 2-3 seconds after they hit and my character will randomly jump backwards, as if through the very fabric of time and space.

Once again, I haven't really been able to play the game today. Does anyone have a fix or is this just a "wait for Blizzard to tinker the servers" again?
I'm getting terrible lag spikes too, and very frequently.
Getting a lot of bad lag as well.
This is getting ridiculous now. It's not my computer because I'm spitting out 60+ fps. Its not my internet connection as I can go on Amazon and stream video and download crap just fine. What is the problem? 1-2 second lags are unforgivable. I'm on a big university server, could that be the issue with everyone trying to play at once? Even so this is killing me.
I was wondering if it was my graphics card becaue i'm running this game off a Vaio from 2010/11 maybe its a wait and see thing?
got major lag here at times too last night played fine for hours now its going up an down like a damn yo-yo same here with 2 -3 sec on ablities an lots of jumping through time and im sure thats not a witch doctor passive lol ...
Same problem for me. It is too severe that I can't even properly play. It seems the latency fluctuates very frequently, and it gives huge lag.
My play for the last 2 nights (east coast) has been mostly in slow-motion, with occasional bursts of super-speed.
I am having this issue too. My character is moving significantly slower than everyone else and it seems to resolve once I tab out. I have posted in multiple threads about it and there seems to still be no resolution. Blizzard seems to be avoiding this issue.
Been having some very bad lag as well. I was sitting at a steady 240 latency earlier today with periods going up to 500+. I am from Texas.. while playing with some friends from Canada last night they told me that they were having the same issues, with an even higher latency (when I was in the mid 200s they were mid 300s).
i all so have bad lag..i know for sure its not me..cause i log in to W.o.W and its just fine ( my W o W latency is 32home/32/world d3 250 to 600 and higher one point it was at 800)
Going to throw some wood on the fire and note that I have been experiencing severe lag as well. So far:

2 player Tuesday (6-9pm EST): Little lag, not crippling but took 5-10 sec to recognize merchant/door clicks
1 player Tuesday (9pm-11:30pm EST): Less lag, fairly smooth
1 player yesterday (6pm-6:30pm EST): High lag, had to give up playing
2 player yesterday (10pm-11pm EST): Unbelievable lag, 10-15 sec latency, periodic drops. My friend said sometimes it looked like I was just standing in the middle of monsters letting myself get killed. Had to give up playing

I'm in NYC and odd thing is my friend is 10 blocks from me and uses the same internet provider and is not experiencing any lag. I do not experience this lag in SC2 or other games. What's up?
I have to say mine is lagging also. I start out ok and its when I run into a dungeon an start fight when it always starts to lag. But it starts out not so bad its only for a few seconds but then it only gets worst. Then bad guys are still moving and I'm stuck to the ground. Or I start to run and it lags and my character gets moved back to where he started running from. This has to be fixed before I really get much further into the game. I really don't want to be fighting diablo with a really bad lag.
This afternoon I played a game, that had no lag and it was enjoyable, that was for 1hr. I have not been able to play with normal speed before or since that time. People have said my computer is not capable of the requirements. But how do you explain that hour. This is some out to lunch BS.

I'm in NYC and odd thing is my friend is 10 blocks from me and uses the same internet provider and is not experiencing any lag. I do not experience this lag in SC2 or other games. What's up?

As of now it seems random. Iv´been monitoring every latency related thread and we even have stories of people in the same room having perfect latency and horrible lag. Keep nagging, ( Politely) we need to get more propaganda to it.
10 years to develop and this is the bull!@#$ we get.
05/17/2012 07:47 PMPosted by Pinoy92
10 years to develop and this is the bull!@#$ we get.

It isnt the developers fault..
We get !@#$ cause the guys witht he money didnt want to spend extra cash for better servers
Still having lag issues.
why oh why do I need to be online to play a single player game? My ping is fine yet the game lags so bad i cant play the game. I'm in australia runing off the american server, and in the day time here or very late at night the game runs fine I don't get kicked out and I have no lag but come 5:00pm lag, lag, lag.

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