Any Naruto fan here?

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I love the Naruto series. :)

Ye me :P :D
i love naruto me to specialy the fight wicth kyubi
Indeed =P

I like shippuden more, but it's all Naruto, so yeah
I havent watch Naruto in years, from what I've seen though its gone down the tubes. Orange Eye liner? Talking toads?
...No thanks!

In many, many cases, the manga is better than the spin-off animation.

However, animation aside, it hasn't gone down the tubes so much as finally neared its culmination as a story. The artist has probably had these events in mind for years and the story has only now glimpsed the finish line.

The ridiculousness gets turned up to hold audiences longer, and because Japan and America share an obsession for heroes who never get weaker, only consistently stronger in world-breaking fashions.
Used to be near obsessed with Naruto. Then I kind of forgot about it for a few months, and could not keep up with all the story developments
I think the manga is way better than the animation. The cartoon isn't consistent with the quality of their episodes, sometimes changing animators between battle scenes even.

I can't wait until it's over and they make something which is high quality throughout. Sort of like what they did for Full Metal Alchemist.
I stopped watching the anime some time ago but I keep up with the Manga. I am really digging it right now. Looking forward to the next chapter.
i stopped watching around the time naruto was learning how to use his wind style chakra.

I would have kept watching, but i had no place to watch since people stopped putting them on youtube and it isnt on in the states as far as i can find.

But i have tried to stay current by reading the story and such online and i wish i could keep watching.

(im not buying all those damn issues of the manga to stay current either)
I don't really like Naruto like I used to. I liked first part and then it went downhill.
I'm not clear how you can go down where Naruto started. It makes Diablo 3's plotline look like classic literature.
omg naruto was so good when i was a kid, i used to watch it with my friends but now im so old and consider it really childish.
I gave up on the anime, personally. Too much filler, even in the non-filler episodes.

I do read the manga faithfully, though.

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Tobi is obito :D!!!!!
manga alll the way. it's getting a LOT better recently. :DDDD
haven't watched the anime in forever

but One Piece all the way for me too!!!
though recently, out of the "three", Bleach has been picking up again too.

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