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I'm having these issues too most of the day randomly DC'ing and then at times I can't join games for awhile.
I've been having this issue ever since the last server takedown. Everything was working fine before this and now I'm completely unable to join parties which is a BIG downer for me since I was playing with 3 other friends.
Same as most people in this thread, I've been getting this error only after the most recent server updates that happened earlier today.

People can join my games just fine, but I'm unable to join any games.

Additionally, after failing to join someones game, I sometimes get error 39500 (error attempting to make game? something to that effect). Simply trying to make the game again clears this up, but it seems that the two may potentially be related/connected.
Same problem....not cool
Also having this problem. A friend and I have tried everything from removing/adding friends, joining parties, PMing

I can still create new characters...guess I'll make a new character and fly solo till everything works.

Some friends aren't having this problem, but can't join our games and vice versa

WTF, please fix this
+1 here

happens since restart

cannot play for longer than 10-15min.

impossible to progress, Blizzard please fix this ASAP!
yea same issue I'm getting
gee, 3 pages of people with this problem, you think there would be a blue post.
Same issue here. It happened at the rolling restart tonight for the achievement/login maintenance. I can't join anyone but anyone can join me. I can resume my own game.

i can make games, people can join my game

i CANNOT JOIN games though.

my brother who is on the same network with a near identical hardware and software setup is having no problems.

same here.!!!!!!!
can we please get a blue post on this? its been quite a while now
Why is Blizzard abandoning us?
Same issue, bump, you bastards
Yah I've been looking over at the different threads on this same problem and it's been going on for like 4-5 hours and not a single blue post.
And it would seem it spreads like an STD... Now two members of our group are bugged out as well. >:|


And by that I mean: Thanks for your time, I'm looking foreword to your response!
now me is happen every 5 min in act 4 i pretty bored but why i buy this game is have much bug in you telling us your finish the game wtf blizz do something i pretty bored to put money on that game i wait 12 year and i discover is fully bugged and unplayable

this is how fun this bug has been.

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