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After running a certain secret level, I have come across an item that I believe is very rare as it is not shown on the item database and it has a design which looks to be very similar to the level. The item is called Spectrum. It is a legendary sword which requires level 30 and as the name suggest it has all the colours of the light spectrum beaming out of the handle. Has anyone got any idea on the value of this sword and if it is a good find or not?

EDIT: The description of the item is: This fantastical blade is the physical manifestation of unicorn smiles, bright rainbow colours, shooting star wishes and teddy bear giggles

Here is an image: http://i.imgur.com/o5Hfy.jpg
Post a screenshot
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I vaguely remember seeing a ton on the AH. Value is still decent though.
Does anyone have information regarding if you run the place on inferno or Hell, can it drop spectrum but with higher stats?
I dont believe it will drop with higher stats in the later diffs, but yeah the sword has a chance to drop off of two of the named unicorns in whimsyshire gz u sir , but there are quite a few on the AH already
I found this in hell, off of the Unique teddy bear Cuddles , the long lost cuddle bear or something just like that. LOL i was amused by his name and i see it drop i got excited, but then realized aww why does it just say "sword" i knew it couldnt be that GREAT of a weapon although it looks awesome.
It dropped just now for me in the normal pony level from the unicorn Creampuff (Somewhere over the rainbow). This is the funniest legendary i've come across in the game. I gave it to my Barbarian who is level 31.
I got one on inferno mode and it had the same low crappy stats. I think I AH'd it for 50k gold.
Omg! Found one back in the day in inferno ponies. Seeing a brown colored item dropped I was so excited too ya know?? What a let down
Are you serious?! Blizzard get your crap together and either just remove legendary weapons from the game entirely or make them at least useable. Seriously Inferno ponies and you get a 30 dps weapon? even at lvl 30 30 dps is worthless so why even make this item? This isn't WoW where you turned the game in to preteen emo kids to play with worthless pet followers give us items that are useful. At least make it so that you can transform an item to have the same visual affect of the sword. Not like we can walk around town with the lightsaber looking item because it ISN"T WOW.
I bought one for 9000g off the AH for fun because it was so pretty. That should give you an idea of its rarity.
No the stats do not. I just got one on inferno and was extremely disappointed when i saw it only has 40 dps
just got this junk off inferno whimsey. OMG LEGENDARY WOOOO ... wait ... lvl30 what??? typical legendary.

this game makes you cream yourself in excitement over finding a unique, then 99% of the time you ID it, and its some worthless CRAP that's so bad you feel like someone just walked into your house and shot your puppy in the face
Check the Spectrum that dropped for me..... level 30 item.... 586 DPS......damage output for my then lvl 30 monk over 5k.....his Fire ally took Elites single handedly while finishing normal mode....Sweeping Wind with Master of Wind Rune and Breath of Heaven with blazing wrath, Mantra of Retribution with Transgression(best combos available at lvl 32 for maximizing this build)....allow me to use Monster Power 10 on my just started Nightmare run.....and STILL everything melts in my path......... TWINK ITEM with the right stats...... ;-)
Just got one with over 600 dps, sold for over 30 mil :)
Wow.....adding to my previous post...have just dinged lvl 30 with my Witch Doctor.....Spectrum has pushed his damage up to 5600....am in Act 3 normal mode...and am about to play MP10....with my Gargantun....Zombie dogs....plus Soul harvest......NOTHING should touch me through this and nightmare level....Spectrum is even better for WD than Monk..... ;-)
Spectrum can only drop at Secret lvl?
And what about the hamburger, does it have some area that it can be droped? Or it can drop in entire game?
any info here?

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