Demon Hunter - Hell Streaming Live

Demon Hunter
bump level 55 Act 2 HELL
Almost Act III
ill take a B hit with u...
Enjoy =]
Boss Act II
Live again -
nice wipe brah
All I do is wipe
Wow, the kid playing is pretty bad. Just watched him die 4 times in like 10 minutes. Hope he doesn't roll hardcore. We'll be watching Act 1 forever.
What he said ^
Stephen#1759 ... add me ill play with ya some time
Going on Act III
Im only in nightmare mode right now. I work to much... but im catching up.
Nice, Hell is hard at first but then you get the hang of it. Online now streaming Act III :
lol u died like a retard there.

You should use invis when they hold you. -.-
I did. but i'm bad.

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