what's better

Demon Hunter
hi ..

whats better for demon hunter ..

half damage half health gears
full damage gears

because i'm tired of getting one shot from everything ..

just tell me guys please .. whats better
i would go half damage and half health
You don't do any damage if you're dead, and you will be dead if you don't have vita on your gear.
Start looking for +Dex, +Vit gear. I am putting rubies in my weapons for the +Dam. I ran all the way through Norm stacking only Dex and by then end I was getting OMGPWND every time I turned around.

You don't have to sacrifice Dex or Vit....you can stack both, it's just a matter of finding the gear, unless you are fairly low level. If that's the case, shoot for 2k-ish HP and you should be good through the end of normal. I was halfway through Act III norm running at about 600HP and really getting owned. Swapped up some stuff for +Vit and presto, no more one shots and I was still able to steamroll the rest of the act, damage-wise.
Simple, get enough vit to keep you alive -- if your dieing a lot, get more vit. Another thing to think about, life steal and life/hit on your weapons, it helps a lot.

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