Hundred fists + Sweeping Wind Issue

Bug Report
So I am currently using Hundred Fists augmented with the Blazing fists rune and Sweeping wind augmented with the Blade Storm Rune.

My issue is that when i Crit, blazing fists buff procs but sweeping wind does not. Prior to this particular rune combination I would ALWAYS get a sweeping wind proc on crits. Sometimes Ill land 4 or 5 crits with no proc at all. it just seems almost completely random now.
With Blazing Fists you proc EVERY crit, sweeping wind only has a CHANCE on crit to notch it up to the next level. Perhaps it only seems like it's not working when your hundred fists is procing way more than your sweeping wind?
i know sweeping wind says CHANCE but when I was using thunder fists with Lightning Charge rune, sweeping wind would proc EVERY crit. its just so noticable a difference considering how much more often you crit with hundred fists. I dont mind if theres an internal CD or the % is very small, but it needs to be stated. Dont leave out important info like that IMO

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