Possible item duplication

Bug Report
Playing in Act 3 on Nightmare mode (on "Machines of War" with 2/3 Ballistae down, 0/1 Trebuchet), I came across an group of monsters with a few champions thrown in (knockback and plauge I think), and while killing them a blue quiver dropped, and I accidentally clicked it while I was trying to clean up the monsters. I had a full inventory so the blue quiver flipped around, but when it came back down there was a second blue quiver right next to it (and I don't think I'd killed another monster). The stats were not identical, so I'm hoping it was just a really bizarrely timed drop, but screenshots are included. I was in single player, and after combat I attempted to recreate the bug without success thank God.

Strangely timed drop is my guess. I had a completely identical item drop two times in a row, so it's not beyond possible. I'd imagine if the item were actually duped, they'd also be identical.

Also, it's best not to report possible exploits in the forums, start a ticket instead.

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