Can anyone suggest a good nightmare build?

Demon Hunter
Hey guys I'm currently lvl 34 on act II in Nightmare. Can anyone show me a good build too go with soloing?
I cleared nightmare with chakram (razor disk rune). I still use it as my right click at level 56. I'm not sure why its not more popular.

Yes it flies straight, its actually easier to hit most of a mob than regular elemental arrows (not lightning ball or shadow tethers) and even if you miss, it spirals out like a blessed hammer after reaching where you aimed it so you'll hit a very large field with it.!Yea!abZbZZ

Not what I used, but would've been better than what I ran. Razor Chakram can be fired through an entire mob if you target the guy in the back - and then it will spiral out and do more damage. I know you can't run Battle Scars for Preparation yet, but keep it in mind (level 35 req). I run Vault with the Acrobatics rune (req 38) to avoid the Discipline cost, and because it's sometimes needed to kite particularly difficult mobs.

If you want what I actually used (considerably less powerful):!Yed!abZbZa

This kites everything, but doesn't get the immunity of SS, and that immunity really makes things less painful.!abg!ZaYYab

I use this build and just beat Nightmare. Main attack is the twin Chakrams for massive AoE (and low hatred cost) and Impale for single targets that need to be burst down. The grenades and great for replenishing hatred. I have it set as three because it gives you more flexibility with your range and placement of the grenades. Tactical advantage combined with smoke screen is also great. It removes the focus from you and you move extremely fast. Shadow power is also really good with any of these moves and will get your life back fast. Last I use preparation to get my discipline back and with battle scars it's also essentially a free potion. Lastly, with this build you don't shoot arrows! I'm using a 1 handed axe with HUGE dmg!

Edit: I switched shadow power for Caltrops and solo'd Diablo in nightmare. Was easy.!bec!bZabbb

This is what I rolled with (and still am) when I beat Nightmare.
...Can't even move on to hell because I'm 3 levels short ;_;

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