Bug with "Boj Angler" legendary boots.

Bug Report
Hello, I have the legendary boots "Boj Angler" and I would like to report that the attack speed bonus mine have are not being applied to my character and my dps from that specific part of the boot is not being applied.
I can confirm having the exact same issue , please hotfix as fast as possible.

Also check on the auction house , there is no filter for attack speed on boots.
i have the same problem. totally ignores the attack speed. a fix would be awesome.

there is also no filter for attack speed on wrists.
Unfortunately, the likely fix is to remove the attack speed bonus from that item, lol.

whaaat why?
I also have the problem, but with Asheara's locks. Tried with two pairs even. These boots, and my bow say "Increase attack speed x%". All my other items say "Attack speed increased by x%" and they work fine.

A fix for this would be aw-suum! :3
Why to remove the attack speed from the boots? Why cant they just fix the property of this. I can understand it might be hard to change all the current boots but it should be fine as long as they fix the magic property of the item. Also question, why fixing this is taking so long?
This is a known issue. All items that say Increases Attack speed by X% are broken, all items that say Attack speed increased by X% are working correctly. You can be a good person and stash the broken boots till they fix it, and buy a new pair of working boots, or a bad person and resell the broken boots for about what you paid and just buy some working boots.

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