error 3003 isnt resolved?

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i am running the latest imac btw.
it says that error 3003 (my bestfriend) has been resolved.
all i have been recieving is error 3003 no matter what server i log into.

i bought this game today, after it had sold out EVERYWHERE, i was so lucky i bought the last one at this small pc shop who usually dont ever buy and sell games.

I dont want trolls or flamers plz lol, but if you are using mac and you have this exact prob let meknow, hate to think im the only one.
is there a fix fo this ?! cause im so eager to play, hanging reealll hard

i have also opened the required ports also.
and restarted my modem and everything, ive done all the troubleshooting, been trying to make it work for the past 7 hours, not cool
also says that the servers are up?!
i have also tried all the troubleshooting things too and i play SC2 online all the time, no dramas
Been playing D3 for the last 2 days and now keep getting the 3003

mbp 2011 laptop.

dunno what to do but keep trying to log in.

the launcher seems to load really slowly as well, and I get an "updated tools" fail message sometimes before launching.
dude im jealous, i wish i could say i have made a character in diablo 3 LOL
OK DONT WORRY, but if anyone else has this problem, make you Dns
also make sure that you have your ports open for the game on your modem
Does anyone know if the error got fix ? ASAP me plz !
Restarted my router and thought I'd fixed it but still happening now.
Should of slapped myself round the face and given up this morning instead of trying to log in all day.
Still isn't resolved - been down for over 4 hours in my neighbourhood.
Error 3003 for the first night was resolved, as it was caused by a different issue.

We're currently looking into this issue. I'll post back when I find more updates.
Mac Tech Support for Baaaaahlizzard Entertainment | Sun-Thur

This is small step for me, but big step for humanity. Or something like that...
you didn't even read it blue man...
still getting error 3003 , when will this be fixed blizzard. i really am starting to regret buying the game.
Ok was playing last night fine now i get up do my usual things.. Now i want to play Diablo 3 oh wait i cant 3003.. Like wtf do we get compensation for this down time or what BLIZZARD... As this or other errors keep on happening!!
yeah this is real nice.. I mean really, for at least 4 years blizzard have been creating this game, making the fans of the Diablo and Blizzard franchise wait, the people who in effect make the directors millionaires, and the launch of Diablo3 has been great, but also, there has been problem after problem after problem. Not a smooth launch, whatsoever. The first day Diablo 3 came out I heard the laughter toward the launch of Diablo 3 from 'reporters' of gaming websites. Really not a good look for such an original and dynamic company.
Still unresolved?? cut me out during the game??
oh daaamn ..... been playing for a while today and logged out so my wife can check her facebook .... logged back in and all i get is this Error 3003 . Any update of whats going on?
I don't know but I'm not a happy man
..... error 3003 here..
From singapore..
When will Blizzard learn?
Is there any vacancies?

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