Is a refund possible?

Technical Support
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Im wated till Today.... After "hotfix" Cant even log in (code 37 or 73 )
We went back to the begening....
AH is DOWN.... Most of the time.. and now tooo
NO real money AH... No PVP
Get other ERRORS while i wanted to play....

And now i cant log in....
Im just sucked....
Want a refund but i thinks I have no chance....(Boughed trough reseller...)
My country polycy is said there is 15 day buyback for Games and programes witchs contains Online content
(3 for the reseller!!!! 15 day for the maker!!!!! )
But blizzard dont seem comply with the rules.......
What should i sue them?:P

Point out the law and demand a refund.
06/14/2012 12:56 PMPosted by NolChannel
We. Can't. Play. The damn. Game.

I want my $60 back to buy Guild Wars 2 instead!

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