Auction House item MISSING!

Bug Report
Item missing in Auction House

Order ID : 57439444 ( AUGHILD'S BROW ) 90000 GOLD
Order ID : 57430144 ( AUGHILD'S BROW ) 99999 GOLD

When i purchased 2 of the following items stated above, 1 of the items had gone missing, and it deducted my gold . Is this a server bug or error cuz i had only 1 of the items above. PLZ HELP!
same here.. I bid the same item but the price was 253,000 golds. I won the bidding but cant seem to find it.
same deal i have purchase items in auction house, clicked send to stash, and they don't show up in my stash, how ever the gold has been deducted from my stash,

6 Flawless square Rubies
missing items too from last night.
yeah I'm missing an item from last night as well. but in your case is an extra 100K worth

05/23/2012 02:51 AMPosted by Ychx
Hi same here,
I paid for an item in gold Auction House: Ring: Riddle Vow: 79.9mil aprox. 6 hours ago.
But the item still is not in my completed items folder.
The transaction id is: 1480270446
Can you please help me on this a bit?
Thanks in advance
yep same issue with me. won a bid for a spear 220,500 but no item.

i've submitted a ticket, i suggest you guys do the same to get their attention on this matter.
Blizz support response to the matter:

I see no problems with the auction house currently, or this auction. Sometimes there is a delay from the win of the auction to when it is claimable by the customer, it can take a few days. the item should be there shortly.


Colin H.
Customer Services
Blizzard Entertainment

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