"0 items in stash" error Gold Auction House

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Has anyone figured out a fix to this? I've had this problem for over a day now and I have not created or deleted any HC characters prior to receiving the error.

Is there a cache file or something that I can delete on my client, or would reinstalling the game possibly resolve the issue?

I wasn't aware that there was a "stash" and a "shared stash," as the error message suggests. My previous auction purchase history is also empty even though I've bought and sold a few items already.
Yes, same issue since last night :(

can't sue the auction house
I have this same problem, but only on my hardcore characters. My softcore characters can buy and sell just fine, but when I try to do so with the hardcore characters, I get this error.
Same issue, been since around 6:00pm CST 5/23/2012. I expected the error to go away, it has not yet. It doesn't affect play that much, but, it affects my enjoyment of the game very much.
I'm glad to see I'm not the only one, with this problem then. It's only been in the past two i've tried to sell items but it has yet to work.

There was an update I downloaded wen I logged today. I was hoping it would fix the issue but it still persists.
Its been 2 days with the exact same problem in soft
Have had the same problem in soft =/ , really need to selll
Cant believe no response from blizz yet regarding this issue.
Got same problem, cant remember if i had anything up on AH before this happend.
But atm i got noting up for sale, and i still cant put anything up now for sale.

Are you fixing this problem blizzard?
Yes or no would be enough.

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