nerf cooldown for health potion

Demon Hunter
Hi guys. Though I'm not in inferno yet but like to voice my thoughts. Since SS has been nerfed, does anyone agree that blizzard should also nerf the cooldown for health potion?
I find potions to be a bit useless; I'm either at full health or I'm dead. I'm not sure how much it would help. But I agree that the cooldown is far longer than it needs to be.
I agree with the potion cd decrease. They also need to make rejuv potions like they had in d2.
Yeah but this is a General change. Not a DH change. You may want it in the interest of DH, but the change affects all classes. Post in the General Forums.
thanks runek. u made a point. i'll post on the general forum shortly but reaon for posting here first because having nerf SS, i feel it is justifiable to also nerf cooldown for potion.
Your using "nerf" in a weird way. It usually means, "make worse".

What you seem to be suggesting is a lowering, or improvement in the cooldown for health potions.

I don't think its necessary. Remember all classes have the same cooldown, and the potions are supposed to be a last ditch effort kind of thing.

If you are relying on them so much, you either need to take a breather in between groups, or try gearing up a bit more.
15 sec cool down would be really nice
The only thing this would help us with is reflect damage elites.
what they do need is better and bigger potions
they should drop the cooldown a few seconds for every difficulty level you advance. for example normal 30 second cooldown, nightmare 26 second cooldown, hell mode 23 second cooldown, inferno 21 second cooldown

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