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So guys,

I have played through act I and as many others have noted act II is hard. I was going back to act I to farm some loots before trying to progress and I had a flashback. It reminded me of in Warcraft, Burning Crusade, Black Temple, farming resist gear for Mother Shahraz. In short, I realized the game is no longer fun for me. Yes, challenging. Yes, engaging. But compared to the rest of the game (Normal-Inferno a I) the level of difficulty simply makes it lose appeal. The rest of the game suggests ways to play and ways to succeed, but in inferno act II (and beyond, presumably) it is a hard edge instead of a subtle push.

And so I ask, are you guys actually having fun in inferno?? Or just doing it because it is a challenge?

inb4 farm more, learn to play, etc.
Challenges are fun to me. I don't play games that aren't challenging.
It's not fun, just frustrating. It's an artificial game play extender to make the game seem longer than it is. Just there so people have to spend time farming lower acts in order to be able to do it, unless they're a Wizard of course.

Inferno should be a gauge of skill, not gear.
I know what you're saying. It is much less fun to me. I am mid-way through Act II Inferno. It seems you have to adopt a hit and kite sort of play that just goes on and on sometimes. They really bumped up the difficulty out of nowhere. The Act 1 Inferno gear sucks, too; you have to hit up the AH to buy items off the more fortunate class's. Basically farm and kite is the name of the game. Kind of sucks.
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Challenges are fun to me. I don't play games that aren't challenging.

I agree, to an extent. I consider games like the older Ninja Gaiden to be an excellent balance of difficulty and enjoyment. I think inferno seems more like an endless grind without a palpable payoff.

Specifically with Ninja Gaiden there was not a huge amount of gear (if I recall correclty, it was a while ago :S), so it was a more pure skill test, like SneakyBear was saying.

This man says it right.

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