Can't target or kill mob, it still deals dmg

Bug Report
The location: Normal mode Southern Highlands
My character: Witch Doctor with Poison Dart (Numbing Dart), Zombie Dogs, some other stuff
I encountered a teleporting champion Goatman spear-throwing guy. I ran around a lot and kited a bunch, including other champs and a pack of elites that I accidentally pulled. Eventually I killed the champion, but one of its minions was still alive. I was unable to target it and my shots went right through it. It would just teleport around and throw spears like normal (which dealt me damage), but I could not hit it in any way, and my Scoundrel follower and zombie dogs would not aggro on it. This went on for quite a while, and I was able to pick up items so it wasn't just a lag spike.
I eventually ran back to the waypoint, and waypointed back to town, then waypointed back to the highlands. That dude was still there, and still unkillable. I ended up having to do a "leave game" to get past that area.

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