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Hey guys,
Firstly great game super love it and LOVE the monk class to bits.
Anyway just was wondering it's been like this for about 1-2 days but there's an item I sold that I can't claim my money back to stash and I also bought 2 weapons that won't appear in my completed section.

I know you're busy so hopefully you guys get to read this and let me know what's the plan.
Thanks in advance and great game again :)
Same here. I noticed there are 2 items ready for collection at the completed item list. A perfect topaz and a legendary lvl 36 chest armor Chaingmail which was purchased for 100K. The topaz is in the list but it's not possible to send to stash even after clicking "SEND TO STASH". That button turns dark and unable to advance further. Even worse, the Chaingmail is not in the list and the Auction Log has already recorded that transaction as Purchased - Buyout for 100000.

Btw, the Chaingmail Order ID is 91824681

Any kind assistance from Blizz technical staffs would be much appreciated. Thanks.
Same thing happened to me. Just bought a weapon and it is showing up in the log as purchased but it is not in the list for download. Help would be appreciated.
Same issue here. Purchased items are not showing up in completed purchases menu. Also gold is showing in completed purchases, but I can't transfer it in my stash.
I had this same issue, literally just got off due to being pissed off and not getting my item. My friend also experienced this same thing. Please Blizzard, fix this issue. Hopefully we will get out items and if not a refund...
Same problem.. about 2-3 hour's ago I spent 60-75k on a bow & armor.. went to the completed section never showed up yet my money was taken.. wondering if it will fix itself or is the money perm gone?
Same issue happen to me as well. Just bought 2 weapons in buy out and it is not showing up at the log but the gold already deducted.
Appreciated Blizzard team haste response...
Same here brought items about 2 hours ago and nothing still.
Same thing happen to me, money got deducted and is now missing.. I did not receive it in my stash at all. 5.27.2012 order ID: 97207186, blizzard reply asap
same here. bought 2 items but nothing has happened.
same here, not receiving under completed like usual
Same here... My friend and I are waiting for the response from Blizzard
Yes, I bought some gloves and a weapon, the weapon has yet to show up in the list of bought items, and it looks like it ate my money too, so now I spent it and don't have the item.

I'm having the same problem with the gloves, I click the button it goes dark, but it never sends it to my stash. I took about a 2 hour break from playing the game tonight, and when I came back after clicking it, it still hadn't sent it to my stash!
Same here I wasnt having issues till today.I just bought some pants and a ring the gold is gone but no items.Allso I have gold from a auction that cannot transfer to my stash the button just greys out after I push it.
Yup, seeing this as well with all my items bought and sold in the past hour. Hopefully we can get an official response soon!
Same issue here...
Having same issue. Just adding more weight to the player's voice!
Same issues... I also sold an item and never received the gold, and had the same purchasing problems.
damn it!!!

this just happened to me. someone put up a Beckon Sail with 3 sockets for only 500k and i bought it but it hasn't shown up and yet my 500k is taken...

so frustrating........

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