Auction house items bought not appearing

Bug Report
Having this issue as well.

Bought a pendant that never showed up on the list, and several completed Auctions, where the money either never shows up, vanishes after sending it to stash, or refuses to go to the stash.

I submitted a ticket, but no telling when it will looked at :(
Same here. I just bought the chest armor and sell a source but both the money and item did not show up in the completed items under completed tabs.
Order ID: 97283450 (the armor I just bought)
Order ID: 97203796 (the source I just sold)
Please fix all of our issues and hopefully we get back what belongs to us.
Same here, bought a legendary item for 50 k, not showing up.. got about 70k tied up in sold items but cannot claim. Opened a ticket but fuggall if that'll happen.
Same for me, bought 3 items only 1 appear for collection. but it cant be move to my stash...
Can please help me check mine too ? i did bought it and my money deduct as well.. and i still havent got it at the complete item list.. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm btw how do i get my code ya?
same, bought some rare item at 180k, money gone only a transaction stating buyout completed but no item.
I'm also having this issue, but it seems the AH is closed now. So maybe Blizzard is fixing it :D?
LOL well it's all good, I'm sure in time it'll be fixed at least you can still play the game.
So to not make the items I bought void, I've literally started up a new class and am playing that now. I swear the witch doctor reminds me of a more ancient powerful version of what Dhalsim's ancestors would have been lol.

Random I know! Anyway I'm sure all the stuff we purchased is still floating in AH so it's not like they've vanished into thin air, it's just stuck in traffic.
The game has only gone online world-wide for 12 days so surely you would know that there are certain things that will need to be fixed/patched and yes even with Blizzards reliability, size and scope crap still happens and I'm sure none of them are actual techno-clairvoyants with some autistic kid reading the number-future of D3 forseeing the AH crash.

So relax, sometimes technology just blows ...
Bought a bow for 3k just for intermediary purposes until I hit 60. Hasn't even appeared in the "completed auctions" list even though I got a pop-up saying the auction was complete!

C'mon Blizzard, you guys have a pretty good gig going on with the RMAH coming sooner or later and millions of orders made. I'm quite aware that much of a game's finishing touches take up to a couple of years to finish. Please! Get it right!!

EDIT: Looks like it's been taken offline again. Oh welps. Guess I better get to bed soon anyway.
I got same problem with others just around 30 minutes ago. In my case the item is rare two-handed mace "GORGING MOB"
item level 57 with DPS of 574.3
The price of the mace i pay for is 250,000gold, so will I get the item or any refund back?
I take a screenshot of what I bough so if there is a need for evidence, please send me any requirement via email.
Just bought a rare item for 10k. Got a message saying request timed out or something and my money is gone but no item. Doesn't show up in completed items, just the log.

Any help fixing this?
Same problem here. 100k gone and no items...
i lost 200k aswell....
same here!
I'm finally got the item. Thank you blizzard team!
I'm having the same issue. I bought the ring "Eternity Alacrity" for 15k gold and it hasn't appeared in Completed Items. Guess I'll wait it out?
I just spend 187,614 gold on a bid for some boots
they are still listed in the auctions tab with status of winning and time expired

the AH is REALLLLY slow at the moment and its said that it needs time to process so keep and eye on the completed tab, but its been about 30 mins now :(

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