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Having extreme amounts and ping 300-600ms when just last night i was at a steady 40-70ms, none of my abilities and hitting on time sometimes the animations wont even show up,Teleporting here there(no im not being attacked by a vortex/teleporting mob), Rendering it unplayable IMO.

Please can we get a blue post saying its being worked on or looked into?
Same here
Im getting the same. I get a solid 3 minutes of playing every 20 minutes. Frustrating beyond belief.
Same yesterday Iwas with green latecy bar all day, today I login with red latency bar .
Having Same problem, I just died from it.... It's Launch Day soo.. I would imagine this is a server issue, Because my connection is not bad enough for the boot I get........ This is why I hate that is is all tied up online. there should be a offline gameplay feature just like Starcraft II had...
Exact same problem here too, sitting on ~530, last night was around 220 (Australian).
Not torrenting/downloading or anything else.
Horrific shame there isn't offline play, its 2012 and they're taking features away from a game series that has had it forever.
Horrible Horrible shame.
This morning was green, now it wont go below 300 ms.
Don't Be shy about posting, if your also having a similar problem, Post!

The more we know, the faster we can play in peace!
Same issue as above posters mentioned. Absolutely unplayable at 350-450 and it recently just jumped into 1k+. This all happening despite playing this morning at a nice 150ms for 3 hours and never having a hitch. Also the lag is not due to my connection as I just tested downloading and reset modem/router and computer.
yep same here. latency between 200-300ms, sometimes upwards of 380+
Same issues as above. Testing out of game results good connection, no problems. High latency in game. Spiking between 600ms and 1400ms.
1k latency here
Same, I have a great connection - 20-30ms in wow and other games... 250+ ms in this game, single player (not public)...
Same here.. I have a feeling you won't see a blue post or sticky on this thread since it's down to the fact Blizzards servers can't handle all the players on at once, they just want to ride it out until the fuss dies down and their current servers handle the load. Bad way to do business imo, we all paid for the game, pay for more servers and bandwidth Blizzard... >:(
Yeah same here. Had 70 - 90ms this morning for 4 hours straight and now am getting anywhere from 200 - 500. Spikes alot and can noticeably tell with animations.
Me too.

At launch I was playing with a solid ~180ms.

After they took the servers down for maintenance I have been playing with 400+ms.
400 - 600ms in single player, unplayable...
**BUMP** Everyone request sticky, they need to fix this.. my 1 day off for this and I've repeated the same dungeon now about 20 times and keep getting dc'd. Was fine until maintenance fkd everything.

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